January 02, 2003 - 10:00 pm

wow ::: look how you've growN ::: >>>


::::::::::::::::: welL welL welL :::::::::::::::: if it isn't you agaiN? :::::::::::: >>>


iN case i didn't get to say it :::::::: happy new year my friends my friends & welcoMe to what undoubtedly must be a better year than last ::: step right up don't be shy ::: give us a nudge — yes? ::: please — if at alL remotely plausible — please do share w/ youR good ole pally SiNuS what soMe highlights from your big ole zero 2 might have beeN — no? — yeS ::: >>>


because my friends — sharing is what it is alL about ::: no? ::: >>>

::::::::::::::::::: not lots to telL since we last met since your last little read ::: >>>

i have beeN taking much cough syrup to help sooth my recent development of coughing fits ::: sore sore throat indeed ::: very painful ::: i think i have soMe sort of stomach flu too ::: my only indication being a quivering sphincter upoN my weary wintertiMe commute hoMe this evening ::: yes indeed — much sphincteric contractioNs w/ my straightened right leg upoN the gas & theN the brake the gas & theN the brake alL along 95 north — a veritable third-laNe joyride of near-exhausting anal-clenching ::: i could feel the heat of the loose movement w/in me practically begging to soiL my underwear ::: i shouldn't have eateN the yogurt so late in the day perhaps — no? ::: >>>

but ::: what do i know? ::: >>>


i cannot wait ::: more snow on the way ::: more driving fuN for mr knuckles here as i listen to the NPR or even the kiss 108 fM sometiMes a cd or 2 depending upoN my commuter mood ::: i get so thirsty — you know? ::: >>>


aNyhow ::: the scar on my neck has stilL not goNe away ::: the doctor says that there is nothing to worry about at alL — but i am nervous as almost everytiMe i leave the newbury comics or eveN the blockbuster the alarM goes off ::: nothing to worry about at alL ::: i keep getting strange emaiL offers w/ promises of 'slippery wet sex' and other junkemails that follow similar theMes ::: oftentiMes i follow the instructions to unsubscribe to theSe slanderous atrocities only to coMe up against a bevy of pop-up ads [ & i aM nearly-certaiN that this directly correlates to the neck scar iN soMe way ] ::: i go for coffee & a chained up chihuahua outside begiNs to bark at me pulling desparately at his little chain restraints ::: children in strollers in the line at the cafe ofteN give me dirty looks & begiN to squirM & cry at me ::: i notice also that soMe randoM streetlights seem to diM almost completely out as i commute hoMe in my trusty automobile ::: my cellphoNe receptioN seeMs shot ::: >>>

i aM no fooL ::: i caN put 2 and 3 together my friends ::: i get the jist of what has happeNed here ::: yeS ::: they cannot take me for a ride ::: a strange things has happened ::: i am in need of the second opinioN ::: >>>


yesterday at work — near the water bubbler — i asked Joan, the HR contractor oN the company — if she thought there might be anything peculiar about the scar ::: >>>

'Joan, look at this scar on my neck please — won't you?' I say to her .:.::: >>>

she looks pretty closely at it [ making me feeL a bit uncomfortable ] and says, 'mmMMmmMMmm' as if there is something puzzling but yummy before her ::: >>>

'Well, what do you think?'

she is silent for a minute solid — still a bit too close for comfort — & theN her frikkeN cellphone rings & she excuses herself away froM me [ perhaps realizing the poor receptioN in the immediate vicinity of my scar ] ::: >>>


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