January 2, 2004 - 6:24 am

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happy new yeaR to alL & to alL a good night — yes? ::: i hope alL is welL with you & youRs out theRe oN the other side of the internet — you craZy little netizens of the univerSe you — you madcap surfers of the world in which we virtually live iN ::: i had a rather n!ce new yeaRs eve & i hope you did too — yes? ::: soMe japaneSe steakhouse actioN at the Yokohamas in Lawrence Massachusetts ::: veRy busy theRe — so much good food & good fuN — a n!ce way to usheR iN the new yeaRs — no? ::: >>>

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i doO not know about you — but i plaN oN trying to keep the new yeaR resolutioNs this tiMe around — foR the 2004 — no? ::: what resolutions do you have this yeaR? ::: i aM resolved to lose a bit of weight [ by goiNg to the gym & maybe walking around the neighborhood a bit — pound by pound i will shed the fat — oh — & perhaps this south beach diet thing could help out toO — no? ] ::: also — i plaN not to let this stalkeR guy ruiN my good tiMes — yeS it is true — i aM stilL beiNg followed — stilL beiNg watched — & i aM determiNed to out-smart the eneMy my arch-nemesis — i wilL [ thiS yeaR ] finally catch miNe stalkeR off guard wheN he is least suspectiNg and turN the tire tracks oN hiM — no? ::: we shalL see — i think, at least, i have discovered his local whereabouts [ which i wilL shaRe with you sooN my friends my comrads my fellow lurkers ] and i wilL finally stop hiM oN his tracks ::: also — i aM resolved to write moRe & moRe poetry — starting with the haiku machine project — but also spilliNg forth into the otheR poeSy as welL ::: >>>

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also oN my 2004 list of resolvatioNs ::: operatioN enduRiNg emaiL ::: finally publish a semi-formalized list of the most dangerous spammage oN this veRy site my friends — also — iN my hunt for the culprits i aiM to finally track dowN & bring to justice the formidible Z21 & his gaNg of treacherous e-cohorts ::: they wilL not get away w/ thiS thiNgs — i wilL rid the internatioNaL superhighways of informatioN for the abominatioNs of the spaM oNce & for alL ::: foR those interested in contributiNg to the cause — doO not hesitate to contact me iN aNy way ::: we caN only fight this things together — no? ::: >>>

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i also resolve to settle thiS issue i aM having w/ Petey the neighbors' dog ::: i doO think that i should remove the microchip that i surgically implanted oN hiM & just sit dowN & have a nice chit to chat via IM w/ the tawdry duo nextdooR [ they just seeM a bit oN intimidatiNg — occasionally i hear the yelliNgs & such froM through the walL through the flooR & i know they are argumentative & disruptiVe people iN generaL & may not give the hoot foR what Petey oNce did to my HT ::: whatever though ::: you know? ] ::: >>>

don't eveN botheR

aNyhow ::: theSe aRe my commentaries foR now ::: i now have to begiN preparatioNs for aN upcoMing appearance iN late february ::: have fuN & enjoy the new year no? ::: >>>

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