January 14, 2003 - 11:48 pm

let's get thoSe rascally spammers ::: >>>


aS i revealed at the latest Scara's Night Out ::: i have commenced leadership of a new coalitioN to finally put aN end to the spaM emails ::: i call it — operation enduriNg emaiL ::: & iN this new sectioN of the site i wilL report upoN the findings & actioNs of oee ::: >>>

so — aNyhow ::: >>>

oee proudly announces the capture of it's first spammer — i tracked hiM dowN using a variety of accumulative dns searches & whois lookups online — this in combinatioN w/ various yahoo spaM reporting froM kindly citizeNs like yourself assisted iN my hunt to rid the onliNe community of spaM once & for alL ::: >>>

following the leads — i quickly pinpointed the alleged spammer as being located soMewhere in the vicinity of canton, massachusetts ::: a rapid commute dowN during off hours provided me ample tiMe to explore the vast wasteland of abandoned officepark parking lots & other southshore flatlands ::: >>>


among the big brick buildings iN the afterhours of the technobabble belt — i found a strange shack standing behind a tiNy pluck of trees ::: peekiNg in thru a crack in the doorway — i witnessed the spaMMer working in frontpage [ i could not believe it — how dispicable — how nauseating — how do you actually implement css in frontpage aNyhow? ] ::: i knocked w/ abrasive knuckles & barged iN ::: the rest of course is oee history ::: >>>


moRe updates oN operatioN enduriNg emaiL sooN to coMe ::: please do — stay tuNed ::: >>>





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