April 06, 2014 - 11:49 am

its still quite a bit sad & perpelexing, no? this mysterious disappearings of Malaysian Flight #370

as an average transnational citizen of the world i personally do not know what to do on the smaller scale of things, if you know what i am getting on, no? ::: i mean, i see the news each night & even on the talkshow circuits the discussion on this timely topic is relentless & unforgiving

global search teams on the hunt report back news of debris sightings & mysterious — still no black box to be found but now the China ship reports a signal that must be evidence that will lead us all into temptation ::: we need this to resolved & the explanations need to defiNitely adhere to factual concepts of our modern scientific minds [ yes, please show me the data, please, mr postman ] ::: >>>

& now there is not only the news news news news news of MH370 bombarding your senses like nothing since the September 11th terrorist attacks on the US but suddenly, too, there are modern faux-forensic investigation experts coming up on the woodworks for this things & making up what they concede for this to be explanation of the mysterious disappearance of Flight #370 ::: >>>

its interesting that on AiiO in the office how many colleagues now exude their expertly, network news-informed conversational conjectures into the disappearance, giving their own regurgitated vantages on how this things could happen ::: >>>

we've all heard it all by now, i'm sure, yes? ::: >>>

  • perhaps this tragedy relates to Russian activities on Crimea & their advances on Ukraine
  • maybe otherworldly &/or supernatural space portal to dimension door opened up & took the plane & its passengers into another plane of existence [ pun veryMuch intended heh heh ]
  • North Koreans hijacked plane & flew it to Pyongyang for safe landing & passengers are being held hostages
  • ancient astronauts in cahoots with The Illuminati manipulated the Earth's energy grid to make plane mysteriously disappear

some theories even surface to discuss similarities between MH370 & a similar airflight disappearence back on September 22, 2004 of Boeng 777 Oceanic Flight 815 carrying 324 passengers ::: >>>

according to the televised coverage of this previous vanished plane 'It wasn’t until after two months after the planes disappearance, that a wreckage was found in the Sunda Trench in the Indian Ocean near Bali'

of course, the 'televised coverage' we speak of is my clever referencings to the ABC's hit TV Show Lost [ created by Jeffrey Lieber, J. J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof ] ::: so ... interestingly enough ... perhaps this is perfect time for transmedia storytelling revival for the 'Lost' series sequel to resurface ::: >>>

hopefully now that we know the punchline-like final explanation for 'where' the cast was lost on TV show we won't feel so cheated at the end of second sequelization finale episodes, no? ::: but i doubt this things ::: >>>

i am with Giorgio on this ::: i am looking to the skies for my explanation for MH370 ::: coincidentally there is one other media giantess with theories on the skies as well ::: former Vice Presidential candidate, Tea Party founding genius & celebutard dü realitá Sarah Palin wonders why 'the looney liberal media' avoids 'the God possibility' ::: apparently in an interview with Sean Hannity Fox News show she is quoted as asking the philosophical questions, 'I mean what if they accidentally flew too high and got stuck in heaven?' among other Palin-believable rightist hilarity

Palin's is best theory yet ::: i enjoy this very much ::: >>>

then again, i always root for the underdogs & imbeciles ::: they're just more fun for everyoNe, no? ::: much better entertainment ::: that's my kinda woman ::: >>>

but anyhow, this statement of Palin on Hannity apprently is another internet hoax ... just oh, so believable, no? ::: i mean, Palin is known for being a little 'Lost' herself, if you know what i mean, right? ::: i mean, anyone that is willing to fully exploit the mental retardation of a grandchild for political campaign trail storymaking totally loses any previous potential credibility on my eyes on end of days, know what i'm sayin'? ::: i mean, when you hear the things Sarah's said & you realize just how popular her presence on the McCain McCampaign thing was, you start to realize the unfortunate lack of any reasonable sense of governmental participation by The People we're given in US ::: & then ... you also begin to question the idea of voting altogether ::: the ability to go to the polls every so often & decide a 'this or that' lesser of 2 evils from 2 rather highly disfunctional politicla parties means nothing to me & no longer resembles anything near 'democracy' as a system of governance for a nation ::: how did i get on to this, though, now? ::: we have a mystery to solve, we have better things to do with our blogPosts & our cyberSleuthing times here on Earth ::: we can talk about why the confounded notions of democracy, free trade, capitalism & consumerism are currently failing so miserably on another time, okay? ::: >>>

this post is about the disappearance of a plane & its passengers ... & about our apparent lack of faith in supernatural explanations ... about our obsession with facts & forensics & only pursuing scientific explanations based upon reason & logic that simply does not naturally exist in the universe without human thought intervention [ we want it so badly, though, don't we? ] ... about our mistrust of mysteriousness ... about our total collective dettachment from any reasonable sense reality ... & about the lunacy of Giorgio A. Tsoukalos & Sara Palin ::: >>>

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January 18, 2012 - 9:32 am

so, its alL happening tonight on Rodney's Bookstore on Central Square in Cambridge, didjya here?

if not, this is the no biggie ::: but, i appear tonight for 7 minutes of my 'Stand Up | no comedy' routine at Upstairs @ Rodney's ::: the details are here ::: but i will perform with other Boston-area comedics, including: gracious host Ryan Douglass, Jenny Zigrino, Mehran, Jono Zalay and Andrew Durso::: >>>

my 7 minutes aptly titled: 'hawt streaming iPorn on the T: netiquette for postHumaniry 2.0' ::: rating NC17, so leave your gentle earholez at home, okay? ::: & i hope to see you there ::: >>>


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