January 20, 2003 - 9:28 pm

that's the way uh huh uh huh ::: >>>


welL my little feliNe friends out there onliNe — i have much to telL you since the night of the show ::: & — i am afraid to say that i wilL telL you alL about the inaugural showcase of Avant Variety in short burst installments — but first, these randoM thoughts that caMe to me while perusing the rather limited selectioN of video hits at the blockbuster this evening ::: >>>


i really would like to rent this movie — how do you say it? — 'rushmore' ::: i've heard great things about it & Craig at work has recommended it to me saying, 'Hey Sinus, have you seen this movie, Rushmore? I really think it's right up your alley. Your kind of film.' ::: now — i don't know about you — but how the hell does this Craig know what kind of movies i enjoy? ::: & more importantly — why does he talk in this dulL greeN font? ::: very strange guy ::: & — to top this things off — he tells me alL this while standing on the urinal [ i waS at a safe distance — over by the sink — washing my hands & looking directly into the mirror, asking myself these questioNs about my co-worker ] ::: >>>


::::::::::::::: so — as i was saying ::::::::::::::::::::: >>>


i would like to rent this 'rushmore' movie ::: & ::: everytiMe i go to rent this — it is not on the blockbuster ::: >>>

i ask the guy — & he tells me that they stopped carrying this movie a while ago ::: >>>

it doesn't seeM like they wilL ever get this movie in ::: but ::: i notice that they do get plenty of copies of 'enough' featuring j-lo ::: they have a multitude of the 'red shoes diary' — apparently a fiNe series of skinnemax soft-core pornography filMs ::: they have many copies of 'scooby doo' — 'alL for lust' — 'the van wilder' — 'little red' — & soMe brand new sylvester stalloNe movie [ i think it's called 'eye see you' or something on this effect ] ::: >>>


i would love to see theM combiNe soMe of these more popular movies — mush theM together or something — & theN get rid of that oNe lumped suM movie ::: you know? ::: >>>


for instance ::: >>>


why not combine 'enough' & 'i am sam' ::: jennifer lopez portrays a divorced special needs person who is stalked by her ex-husband ::: the soundtrack would be paul & ringo singing soMe of j-lo's contemporary urban hip-hop smash hits ::: a good idea — no? ::: theN — after this ideas is oN the shelf for a month or 2 — & after plenty of their little blockbuster tricky late charges [ 'ok — that wilL be due next thursday at 1:45 in the afternooN' they might say to me as they hand over their little box of goods across the counter ] ::: after it's little stint oN the walL of cinematic genius — theN they can rid the world of 2 movies of drivel & mediocrity alL at oNce ::: 2 birds w/ oNe stoNe — no? ::: make roOM for at least 1 little copy on dvd of the 'rushmore' ::: after alL — isn't Bill Murray worth it? ::: >>>




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