January 26, 2004 - 6:18 am

visit the Badgers animatioN online ::: >>>helLo my friends — my comrads — my new leaders in training for the revolutioN ::: please set youR sites to the following url and study w/ intensity the animatioN that resides theRe oN the albino black sheep website ::: the new media piece at hand & foot foR youR viewing please is simply called Badgers (Badger, badger badger, badger! Mushroom, mushroom! Snake!) ::: aN amaziNg piece of eCinema foR you to behold indeed ::: thank you Deb Mascara of the tabla sitar power & radio pü faMe foR sending this link along to me — this is soMe remarkable stuff iN the way of online animation accompanied by hypnogogic audio loopage supreMe ::: >>>

while you are oN the site too — you may want to check out other fiNe albino black sheep thiNgs up &/or out there my friends — i believe theRe is a controversiaL lost episode of the smurf's [ i doO not link to it heRe little oNes foR the maiN little reasoN that there is soMe adult-audience implicatioNs which would directly risk my positioN & reputatioN at the head council foR anti-spaM research center — i doO encourage you to visit thiS fiNe lost episode — but be aware that it is of a profaNe nature — you wilL not believe what you see — truly shocking to see the smurfs goNe wild ] ::: pleaSe doO check it out ::: >>>

a quick note of forewarning to those in the Boston area & having interest iN such a thiNg ::: i wilL be appeariNg at PA's Lounge in Somerville at 345 Somerville Avenue iN Somerville — helping to break iN the inaugural Le Cabaret Des Enfants Terribles series of perforMances ::: the liNe-up is as follows ::: Michael Bloom, Commodore Vic, What Time is It Mr. Fox?, Sinus Brady [ this is me! ], Ken Glover, Leah Callahan, Nancy Lancy ::: aNyoNe interested iN the performaNce art, local coolneSs, cabaret & just haviNg a good tiMe should stop oN by & say 'hi' ::: contact me foR furtheR details — ok? ::: >>>

aNyhow — foR thoSe interested iN knowiNg what goes oN at a SiNuS BRaDy appearance — i meaN — 'what doO you doO?' you may ask me — welL — heRe is the quick-stop elevatoR pitch my friends ::: SiNuS BRaDy is a new media performance artist — soMe might say he does the stand-up act [ but theRe is oNly smatteriNgs of comedy sprinkled about & between ] — theRe aRe usually looped pre-recordiNgs involved — audience participatioN — occasionaL fortuNe cookies — at tiMes theRe aRe powerpoiNt presentatioNs to the discussioNs ::: & 'what?' you may ask 'doO you talk about at youR performaNce? what is the subject matteR of youR banteriNgs?' ::: welL to thiS i reply — my topic-base consists of aNything under the suN — current events, email, spaM, ufos, the bizzarre, life iN modurN tiMes, the officeplace, public restrooM experiences, my visits to the café [ my favourite place ], alieN abductioN, database configuratioNs, variable data storage & retrieval, modurN mediciNe & technologicaL progress iN generaL, televisioN, movies, music, implants, nuclear energy, foreign policy, the segway HT device, stalkers, poetry & such, onliNe applicatioN development, the use of chat aS a meaNs of retaiL sales support & return oN investment accrued thereof and the future of thiNgs to coMe iN generaL ::: overalL — we have a good tiMe — no? — & everyoNe coMes out thinking 'thiS waS the win-win situatioN — my god, he's doNe it agaiN' ::: so please — stop oN by for a brewski & listeN, watch & enjoy aS i add my speciaL blend of live monologe & poeSy ::: hope to see you theRe [ wink, wink ] ::: >>>

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January 24, 2004 - 7:45 am

visit the art interactive ::: >>>

quite a strange but actioN-packed day it waS yesterday ::: amidst alL of the deaths & the deadcold of wintertiMe iN new england — oNe event brought a warmth & buzz like noNe other to the cockles & heartboNe of deaR SiNuS BRaDy ::: >>>

last night i had the honor & pleasure to experience the opening of the interactive media installatioN eVolution : the art of living systems at the art interactive in central square ::: i highly recommend you go & see for yourself the fascinating interplay of man & machine in the cozy space of the AI — fantastic stuff ::: where else would you be able to play w/ toys & process them through associative databases to come up w/ an instant new media wordplay extravaganza onscreen & off { Giver of Names, David Rokeby } — or becoMe a virtual spirit projected in a 3D world, wandering a desertscape inhabited by polyamorphousshaped beings that you caN interact with & sometiMes possess { Bush Soul #3, Rebecca Allen } — or watch hawks & mice & dirt & screens iN a multiscreened networked space instantaneously interact in a datascape of strange perceptioNs indeed { Instant Places, Maciej Winsniewski } — or where else could you touch screeN draw your own 3D lathed organic jellyfishlike creature & send it off into the waters of a living mindpool whereby each creature interacts & swiMs about & then eventually descends into the abyss { a-Volve, Christa Sommerere + Laurent Mignonneau } ::: i would say you definitely NEED to go & see this exhibit — a whirlwind of new media hyperactivity right in the heart of Central Square [ & in close proximity to the Starbucks — no? ] ::: >>>

further notes ::: upoN 2 deaths ::: >>>

yesterday or in the vicinity thereof i learned of the death of 2 great legends of our tiMes ::: firstly being Bob Keeshan — moRe affectionately known as CaptaiN Kangaroo ::: this childreN's televisioN giant brought moRe joy & happiness to my kidling heart as a youngster — i cannot begiN to describe the utter sorrow i feeL for his departure froM this earth ::: my favourite of course was iN eVery episode when the Mr Moose guy was hit oN the head w/ the pingpong balls — i always curled up oN the flooR iN front of the sofa riddled w/ gut-busting laughter supreMe at theSe things ::: the Mr Greenjeans guy too — always brought a special flair to the show w/ his wacky shenanigans & madcap antics — no? ::: & of course the good old magic drawing board — so much of my imaginatioN was sparked by the bushy-stachioed & sideburned happy maN iN the bright red suit — may youR versioN of heaven return the happinesses you gave to us through the magic medium of youR televisioN show Captain — i salute you ::: >>>

also — & oN a strangely moRe peverted note — Helmut Newton also died iN the carcrash ::: Helmut w/ his rather over-sexualized depictioNs of sado-masochistic semi-anonymous vixens used his expert photography skills to celebrate & comment upoN the fashioN industry ::: i do not know anything about hiM really besides the oftentiMes black & white depictioNs of nude females iN highheels or wearing minimalism w/o sleeves so on & forthsuch — but he definitely brought amazing talent to the photographic forefront — full-frontaL at that my friends — no? ::: >>>


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