January 27, 2004 - 6:50 am

oh no - moRe people died ::: >>>


oh my god — eveN moRe people have died as of late that i waS not aware of ::: why didn't soMeoNe inforM me oN this things ::: i've heard John Ritter { very sad very sad } & Eliot Smith { too bad too bad } — but i had no idea that Uta Hagen had passed away moRe recently ::: who's afraid of celebrity death [ i aM i aM ] ::: moRe than Uta [ such aN incredible naMe — no? ] i wilL misS Barry White — he is the maN oN my books — you know? — so positive & fulL of love he has to giVe — a seduceR of the souL indeed [ & in moRe ways thaN oNe my friends ] — can't get enough of the Barry White — so sad he's goNe now ::: >>>

also to note to note — recently deceased as welL — Ron O'Neal — perhaps moRe affectionately knowN as superfly ::: this brotheR waS just a bad-ass — no? ::: just oNe moRe big deaL — a well-devised plaN to get out of the business — & theN off & away to aN eaSy life away froM the dealing & wheeling — a master-plaN — tryin' to get oveR ::: that soundtrack those suits the coke & that hat — i don't know — it waS just too cooL — you know what i aM saying? ::: >>>

aNyhow — Ron is goNe now — & it is up to me to try & devise my owN master plaN to move off & away to a better thang — you know? ::: i have my owN master plaN of sorts ::: my braiNwaVes — my ideafactory chunks & churns & i have beeN developing new technologies that i aM suRe wilL be sooN adapted into the lifestyles of the everyday masses ::: it is the slow progress — up iN my third flooR apartment laboratory — but progress noNetheless — & oNce this device is doNe my already patented concept wilL flourish out theRe oN the market ::: >>>

caN you keep a secret? : should i let you iN on the secret project i aM developing? ::: please let me know youR interest iN my latest advances & i wilL email back w/ the news w/ the idea ::: i would love to have youR feedback ::: >>>

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