February 02, 2004 - 7:16 am

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welL welL welL my friends my comrads — if i had not seeN it foR myself oN the televisioN i would not now believe it — but — i was watching on the superbowL oN the half-tiMe show [ i didn't invest iN the lingerie bowL — alL bra & bounce i imagiNe ] & suddenly jT rips off the right cup of Janet's S&M bra — i meaN — unless i aM mistakeN i saw nipple — & a pierced nipple at that ::: >>>

so — i guess theRe is hope after alL for society & foR footbalL faNs neaR & wide ::: yes ::: i believe it is so ::: at this tiMe i would like to thank jT for the garment-rippiNg finale to his popsong aS he proved oNce & foR alL that tiVo is a valuable commodity after alL & that nudity beats shoulderpads aNy day oN the week — no? ::: welL — this is my opinioNs aNyway ::: it is what i firmly believe & stand behind — every step oN the way ::: >>>

welL ::: my favourite band Stas Namen is comiNg back to beantowN for their comeback tour of the US ::: post-soviet oldies just really gets the goats as they say ::: i aM no rocket surgeon — at best i aM an IT megalomaniac w/ motivatioNs to dominate the westerN world thru the technologicaL innovatioNs & monitoring of the media ::: i wilL invent the videocamera that goes inside the eye — most important to aNy tech breakthrough & research of course is the marketing — so — i need to figure out what i wilL calL this thiNgs ::: [ i have already installed oNe iN Petey — the neighbor's dog — & i aM learniNg a lot about theiR life & lifestyle now — thiNgs i can't heaR through the walLs or floors ::: that Petey — good boy Petey — heRe's a treat — eh? ] ::: so — what doO i calL this thiNgs? ::: it's not a spycaM or anything like that ::: i wilL probably need a good TLA for this [ three-letter acronym ] ::: hmmmMMMMmmMmmMmmm ::: let's see ::: >>>


the cod r5 — no — no ::: >>>

h3rp3s — goodness no — that's a negative my friends ::: >>>


:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: what else? : hmmmMMmMMmM ::: >>>

let me thiNk oN this for a bit ::: >>>


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