February 04, 2003 - 10:03 am

<<< ::: S P A M ::: >>>


a quick update on the operation enduriNg emaiL my friends ::: >>> it seeMs that i have received correspondeNce froM soMeoNe goiNg by the moniker 'Z21' ::: [ please view the veRy BRaDy guestbook & read 'entry 52' — be forewarned of the misleading decoy links — theSe aRe merely linkrot left by this despicable e-fiend oN the looSe ] <<< ::: >>>


what iS becoMing of the world? ::: >>>


so 'Z21' — you wilL be iN touch sooN — eh? ::: 'why the waiting gaMe?' i ask you ::: 'what's the hold up? what's the empty provocatioN here?' ::: >>>

hiddeN messages?


please mr 21 ::: what aRe you trying to pulL to here? ::: >>>

theSe unsolicited email messages aRe most certainly the spaM emails ::: [ a little secret that i caN let the friendly operation enduriNg emaiL freedoM force iN oN at this point ::: oee haS reasoN to suspect that 'Z21' is indeed the spammer who sends along the 'hey — it's me — Gina!' message ::: the oNe that wheN you click oN theM — the email is not remotely about this Gina persoN at alL ( veRy deceiviNg ) ::: so — theN you read oN & theRe is informatioN & linkage to assist you w/ increasiNg the siZe of the penis to enhance pleasure iN the female during intercourse — so actually thiS emaiL caN be seeN as a meaNs to disperse educationaL material & further access to the onliNe research materials necessary to enhance & better male sexual performance issues ::: i do not — however — understand what the photograph of the leather-clad dwarf nuN has to do w/ penis enhancements described in the body text of the document ::: but perhaps i aM being a bit thick about this things ] ::: yeS — definitely the spaM ::: although i wilL scrutinize a bit further oN the messages i received thusfar — i am almost undoubtedly sure that this iS indeed the virtual junkmaiL onslaught that so clutters my monitor on a daily basis ::: >>>

a warning to mr 'Z21' ::: we wilL find you ::: we wilL carefully disect the spaM you send & we wilL find you & bring you & your spamming coalitioN to justice & rid the world of spaM forever & evermore [ & eveN after that you — you — you spaMguy! ] ::: >>>


mediuM rare pleaSe ::: >>>

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