March 04, 2005 - 3:45 am

and so i guess it must be told to the level of my frustration w/ the little Mrs. Field's on the Burlington Mall ::: i don't know what to do about this really — but i aM completely on the annoyed & completely angry about this recurring event ::: i go into the Mrs. Field's — right? — i order 3 small chocolate chip cookies to go — no? — & they always turn to me & ask if i would like the milk with that ::: i have been going to this Mrs. Field's now for at least 4 months now — every since AiiO moved their locations — you figure they'd get the hang of the deal that i do NOT want any milk with my cookies — but still — the fr!kkeN counter-intelligence behind the cookiebar persists to ask if i want the milk ::: the place is beginning to make me very unthirsty altogether & even the mere fragrance of cookies baking in the oven mingling in the air psychosomatically quenches me ::: they have ruined the last portions of every lunchtime meal in which i visit their pushy little establishment ::: little do they know that 2 more times — that's right — 2 more times w/ the suggested sales of the milk & i will just go completely keebler's on theM ::: i'lL just purchase cookies in the bag on a supermarket & bring them back to the officeplace — & in fact — i might even go the extra milligram & pick up a quart of whole milk to dowN theM with froM the comfort of my cubicle ::: >>>

::: ha ha hah :::

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February 18, 2005 - 2:50 am

welL guess what i found out recently regarding the video store & their new policies regarding the late fees? ::: guess ::: that's right ::: no late fees — no movies ::: insane i telL you ::: i just wanted to get my groove on w/ the retrofuturistic tale of Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow & after maNy attempts maNy visits to the blockbuster i have found it nearly impossible to rent aNything at alL that i would like to see — not a single recent release that seeMs worthwhile or otherwise available for my viewing pleasuRe ::: what a paiN in the behind — you know? ::: >>>


::: on another thing :::


::: i aM so sick & tired of alL these bumperstickers & decals that say 'United We Stand' — 'Support Our Troops' — 'An Army of One' — & so on & the so forth ::: united we stand — yeah, sure — get the fr!k outta my way — i'm trying to get to the office to support this doubledipped recessioN & this planet of the apes administration that just keeps desecrating the very concepts of freedoM & justice & the pursuit of a good old-fashioNed low-carb meaL ::: >>>




:::::::::::::::::::::::: slowly but surely :::::::::::::::::::::::: >>>


::::::::::::::: creatures froM another planet :::::::::::::: >>>



:::::::::: aRe stealing away little earthlings! :::::::::::: >>>





& we can't do a thing about it



::: ha ha hah :::


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February 16, 2005 - 9:37 pm

so now ::: the most bizzarre of bizzarre things as of recent tiMes iN the tiMes of SiNuS BRaDy has occurred to me — and heRe w/ you tonight my friends my online compatriots my expats of the patriotic wunderkind — and heRe w/ you tonight i wilL share my most recent strange incidents w/ you including the bizzarre events oN the weekend at this & that too ::: yes i wilL ::: [ are you stilL theRe? ] ::: >>>


firstly [ i aM thirsty ] ::: oN the weekend & to be more specific oN saturday — i caMe across a stray kittycat ::: that is ::: soMeoNe rang my doorbelL & upoN rushing dowN alL 3 flights of stairs — i found a browN burlap bag sitting oN the stoop of the apartment steps ::: you know? ::: a veRy strange ::: >>>


::: but anyhow :::


i went to examiNe the content of the bag — & justlike oN the movies or soMething like this — the little bag moved about a bit & theN felL opeN revealiNg a little kittycat [ the stray 1 i mentioned above ] w/ patches of black & mostly dark dark grey ::: i aM not too toO terribly fond of aNy pet not to mentioN a cat or soMethiNg like this — but — i looked further into the bag after curling the kitty iN toward my chest & noticed a note inside that said 'feed me' [ which reminded me oN the Little Shop of Horrors — you know? wheN the plant keeps saying 'feed me' — you know? ] ::: & she looked up at me w/ that little kittycat look that they do & she licked the inside of my wrist w/ her little sandpaper tongue & i couldn't help but take the kitty up ::: so now she's miNe ::: >>>

i decided yesterday to naMe her kevorkiaN ::: >>>



this is alL besides my point — a sort of virtual sidestep froM the bizzarre event of today or this morning ::: so — heRe goes ::: >>>


i found a peculiar crunching — a metallic, tinny taste in my Kashi GOLEAN Crunch! ::: another tip tap of the teeth & theN i just had to take a look ::: forefinger & thumb reaching iN to pick amongst the chewed Crunch! i wipe the bits froM my finger on a papertowel & notice the glint of soMething shiNy & guess what? ::: theRe's a fr!kkeN microchip iN my Kashi ::: that's right ::: a fr!kkeN microchip ::: what the fr!k is this? ::: what aRe they up to the Kashi people? ::: i thought we weRe Good Friends ::: but apparently not ::: instead — it seeMs the Kashi people aRe lookiNg for a little inside informatioN froM mr BRaDy heRe — you know? ::: a little scaN froM my interior if you know what i meaN ::: >>>

i'lL have to look into this a bit moRe ::: maybe check the Symantec site to see if soMe sort of probes like this is goiNg around ::: soMe biogenetic adware attempts at that ::: capitalisM at it's most despicable ::: >>>


::: ha ha hah :::




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February 10, 2005 - 10:34 pm

the more i think oN it — the more perplexing it alL becoMes ::: the blind woman — oN the men's rooM — blouse undoNe [ pretty much pulling aN alL out Melissa Gilbert — the award she wiNs oN the SAG is beyond me — they didn't calL her Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Wilder for nothing my friends — if you know what i meaN ] ::: a veRy strange event iN the daily life of aN office worker ::: >>>


but aNyhow ::: i may have to use the facilities soMetiMe this afternooN ::: usually it hits me a bit after lunchtiMe ::: i'lL let you know what happeNs theN — but until theN — it's back to work pushing those stored procedures up to the server & uploading variables & intermittent logic into the systeM ::: >>>


::: ha ha hah :::




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November 08, 2005 - 3:01 pm

ok ok ok ::: the strangest things just happened to me on the men's rooM oN the officeplace ::: i go iN [ to do my business ] — settle into the spacious handicap stalL oN the end — opeN up my UFO Magazine to catch up oN the latest iN abductioNs & other reports oN extraterrestrial contact heRe oN earth & iN the nearby stratospheRes — i set back & relax a bit — calmly take care of my business — wipe & flush — stand up & tuck iN the shirt — opeN the stalL doors & exit into the commoNspace of the lav wheN what do i see? ::: >>>


::: a womaN :::


standing by the sink is a woMan in casual muted pink slacks
high heels black blouse an upswept hairdo
casually washing her hands
as if this were the norm
as if this were aN


::: didn't know what to do :::


so — i just did what i have to do — no? ::: i also have to wash up after my business — no? ::: so — i approached the sink as if this were the norM & begiN to wash my hands ::: the automatic sink clicks oN & i rub palM against palm under the brisk waterflow ::: i look over through the mirror & notice her blouse is unbuttoNed dowN almost alL the way opeN & she is just stilL washing her hands ::: no eye contact is made ::: 'is she blind?' i wonder to myself as she seeMs not to flinch at my presence ::: i do not say a word ::: walk over to the airdry machiNe & rub my hands together — alL the tiMe keeping a watch oN this suspicious female intruder using the sinkmirror as my spy device ::: i finish drying hands & leave the men's rooM ::: >>>


who is this womaN? ::: what was she doing oN the men's rooM? ::: >>>


::: ha ha hah :::



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December 07, 2004 - 10:21 pm

i have to admit now that i am addicted to the crest whitestrips ::: but seriously folks ::: i just wanted today to convey a thought i had about the recent events concerNing our country — the current administration, the preceding administration & the simple but significant difference between the 2 ruling organizations at lump & large [ at least froM what i caN see ] ::: >>>

ok ::: Bill Clinton ::: the big controversy of his administratioN ::: he participated iN sexual relatioNs with an intern iN maNy places — fellatio ejaculatioN copulatioN frottage — who knows how many horny variatioNs this alphaMale lied about under public oath — but in essence — Bill received a blowjob & theN lied to the good people of america about what happened in the private vestiges of his homeroOM — you know? ::: >>>

ok ::: George W Bush ::: the big controversy of his administratioN ::: he participated in sexual relatioNs with the good people of america in maNy places — fellatio ejaculatioN copulatioN frottage — whatever dubya can dreaM up he's doNe — but — instead of being blowN — W seeMs to be blowing the american people — over & over agaiN for maNy years oN end — whether it's a war for false pretenses — social insecurity for the retired — no kid left behind — it's years & years of dubya blowing the people of america ::: lot's of viagra for this little texaN heh heh heh ::: >>>

but aNyhow — bottoMliNe politics froM my vantage & viewpoint — the spaM that penetrates my inbox has vastly increased since the departure of Bill Clinton froM the executive branch — & — this my friends is bad news for everyoNe ::: >>>

we must stop this things ::: spaM must be stopped ::: & our leadership never seeMs to address this most important issues ::: OEE must push oN ::: we must prevail over the eviL wrongdoers ::: >>>

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