March 08, 2002 - 6:43 am


thiS morning — upoN my highway commute into the office — i noticed something straNge — straNge indeed ::: >>>

i oftentimes look about left & right & around in ways to amuse myself & keep my mind occupied [ all the while listening to my favourite news radio program on wpόr ] : welL : i happened to notice a rather attractive young lady driving a shiNy new chevy lumina — teal i believe to be precise — straight blonde hair — a rather upturned nose & full yet pale lips mouthing the lyrics i assume to the song of the moment upon her radio dial — i didn't notice clothing — although of course she was dressed in some professional garb i am sure [ on her way to work ] : as you probably know or have noticed — from car to car upon your commute one can only usually see from mid-arm up — most prominent in visage & view are the head neck & knuckles — sometimes the confines of the particular automotive device will even crop the topmost portion of the head & hair to reveal even less of the commuters appearance :

well — regardlesS :

what is so strange about this lady SiNuS? you might be asking yourself : how is this anything out of the ordinary? worth even a pixel of cyberspace online discourse or discussion?

well — upon more careful doubletake glaring at the young lady commuter i happened to notice that just below her left eye — very prominent & clearly distinguishable even — there was affixed a gauze patch — i assure you for medicinal purposes — covering the lord may know what — a rather large patch — thankfully not completely covering the entire side of face lips & chin — but nonetheless obstructive of full face view of the young lady :

i found myself particularly interested in observing further this bizarre detail — unfortunately — my car began to veer in the direction of the morning lady patched commuter drawing attention to my stares : she looked at me & quickly turned away — somehow offended by my onlooking & so forth i assume :


a bit later on my commute — after much time had passed — i again came across the lumina w/ the patch girl : she seemed to be singing ala karaoke a more noctilucent ditty from her top pop radio station — a ballad — but perhaps w/ hip hop overtones — definitely something slower than the mid-tempo rocker she bellowed to earlier : well — anyhow — one last glimpse for prosperity & i was on my way — her patched up visage emblazoned in my retinal memory to ponder perhaps later in the day as there was indeed something suspicious about her reappearance upon my morning commute : perhaps someone else tracing my everymove? : a patch to disguise her identity in some way? :




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March 11, 2002 - 1:13 am

i can hardly believe it myself : the show was big success : alL the practiciNgs definitively payed off — bigtiMe — no? :

welL : anyhow : just leaving the milky way now : completely insaNe : everyoNe how about those louNge? how about thoSe laNes? coming up to ask us the questions : to find out about the next show at milky way & what the subject &/or theMe may be : i am a sweaty wreck at thiS poiNt : truly a sleepless tiMe for me i must say :

too much excitement for 1 nite : after the show — the pό gang alL crowded around the bowliNg alley : i can hardly believe i must refrain from this basking in gloRy tomorrow & return to a database administration nightmaRe : what can you do? — no? :


this is that : at least this is what they said

lee todd lacks waS incredible : insaNe clarinet solostyliNgs indeed : a veritable master of the mighty black stick of love if you catch my draft & tidiNgs ::: >>>

fiNe set of 'Hitler's Pissed' by Shφe & the gang : that banjo — that voice #151; thoSe hits of nostalgia #151; its almost as though we have the histoRy repeating herself agaiN #151; no?

VFW lady #151; what can i say #151; so lovely & so bright #151; a shiNing staR & we can catch a gliMpse of her heat in the nite yeS yeS

Barney Barney Barney #151; that rosS is a maniac when it coMes to heightening the value-add of such childreNs classics as 'Safety First' #151; he iS the pό sόpreMe #151; no?

Ned & Miss Bliss #151; what can i say? ::: together w/ writing & voices & sucH w/ the episode of 'Baywatch : Revere' #151; i almost bust my guts out laughtiNg so hard #151; if only i can find my binoculars ::: >>>

& Ethan my brother my friend my comrad ::: what neo-dada radio theatre show w/ a twist of lemoN would not be complete w/o the amaZiNg Ethan Mackler Solo Bass Orchestra? : such a nice young lad : a good doobie #151; no?

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February 25, 2002 - 7:57 am

i have just uploaded the databases to the server for intranet usage : i hope that the dlls are set appropriately as some of the modifications i have made will start the virus working :

i am certain that someone was in office today - early this morning : monitoring my every move from just afar : i can tell this things : just a things in the air can tell me this - no? :

a certain feeling of other-presence

anyhow : i will have to keep myself busy & look a bit more innocent than i am : these will help things along more now :

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