March 02, 2002 - 9:41 am

tune in to radio pü onlinein just a few short days [ about a week away actually ] the radio pü show unveils its March performance at the Milky Way Lounge & Lanes in Jamaica Plain : i invite all to come & see us as we serve up our neo-modurn post-dada live radio theatre w/ a pinch of sarcasm : this installation will include 'Baywatch - Revere' - live overdub of Barney's 'Safety First' - 'The Bacon Channel' & much much more : visit the website for details or drop me an email to find out more ::: >>>

so : w/ this to look foward to - yesterday's seas of technical difficulties at work have almost subsided from my general malaise & psyche at that & this : i am very impatient w/ machines - regardless of fact that i am working on computers all my day long : do you also experience these difficulties? : they drive me crazy - no? : & how about you? : although i cannot stand the difficulties - i find myself wasting time getting all hang up on these things : it makes me insanely upset : i want to throw things [ sometimes i do - i must admit ] : usually a good walk outside my work can assist in the alleviating of such angry times : talking to co-workers about this things usually does not help in any way : since they also experience this frustrations - they usually add a log to the fires if you catch my draft : so - the walk - or to simply step outside - out back by the dumpsters - & to breath - away from the source of the frustrations - usually helps a bit :

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March 01, 2002 - 3:33 pm

today has been butter-laden w/ frustrations & technical difficulties my friends my brothers :

& i know that this is much of what i do - the very nature of my job - to problem-solve - to brainstorm & create solutions for these things - no?

but : nonetheless - very frustrating :

& then this guy - he's like flinging the elastic bands at me while i sit here in my quiet fury : i wanted to throw my coffeecup at him i tell you :

yes :

but - i guess this is all about work : we must tolerate the clowns that surround us : & try our best : & that's that :

they cannot control our thoughts yet ::: >>>

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March 01, 2002 - 7:47 am

you are getting sleepy

you do not want to believe that it is true

you are shaking your head

a weariness is overtaking you

strange voices come to you

all sounds seem distant & muted

you yourself feel remote from the flesh from the dirt from the earth from
the ground from the world around you

commonplace occurences produce surging feelings of nostalgia - wondermeant

mice at times make you smile

the sky seems like a bigger sky

the highways seem infinite also in their lengths - the journeys that they
promise you

librarians sometimes stop by & watch you in their periphery - oftentimes
salicious vibes eminate from their stance from their hips from their breasts
from their little noses & thick-rimmed glasses

sometimes you follow ups delivery men for an entire half day on their
workaday travels thru the cities & towns of new england

the ocean seems like a bigger ocean now

there seem to be more birds in the area at this time of year than in
previous years

you do not want to believe that it is true

you feel sleepy



a weariness is taking over you

sometimes a nice glass of juice makes your tastebuds tingle



& you look outside

a neighbor's car leaves the driveway across the street

there is no driver

the lawn seems infinite also

trees stretch barren into the sky

a bigger sky

you watch as the sun sets as the birds gather on electric wires as kitchen
lights in the neighborhood slowly bring a warmth to the homes along your
street as the children run home for dinner as the stars begin to twinkle
their twilight twinkles

the is a man walking down the street - very silently walking down the street
- walking slowly down the street

he doesn't look at too many details as he walks

you watch him walk

he seems sleepy too


sleepwalking perhaps

you watch him sleepwalking

until he is out of sight

you heat up some macaroni & cheese - a yellow-orange instant meal


& you eat the macaroni & cheese & have ginger ale while you watch tv

huddled over the macaroni & cheese

you eat & look up at the tv occasionally

occasionally the blue flickering imagery makes you chew a bit slower a bit

a solemn plunk of contemplation

a sip of ginger ale

you look outside

a quiet police cruiser creeps along the road in the direction of the

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February 28, 2002 - 9:34 am

::: enlightenment :::it is getting close to that time of the month agaiN - for another exciting installment of radio pü :::

this month's installment is called insomnia & will be based upon my recent bouts of sleeplessness - i don't know - i think i have adhdt or something - you know? : that light disinfectant disorder or things like this - no? : i can't figure it out - can't figure out why i am having troubles sleeping at nite

well - the practice for this show went well - we discussed the vox manipulations live overdub of the Barney 'Safety First' episode as well as some other aspects of the live radio presentation & broadcast ::: &

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