February 13, 2003 - 11:12 am

<<< ::: SNO - in fulL effect - yo ::: >>>

let me telL you my friends that Scara & i have beeN haVing the tensioNs as of late — not only does he refuSe to convert the moniker of the 'Avant Variety' showcaSe to 'SiNuS' Night Out' — but he insists oN continually shutting out 'uNlike charlie' ( the ultimate phrisbee Avant ballet & good old fashioNed southerN-fried performaNce troupe i recently befriended in the Quebec ) just because they doO not proMote the wholesoMe disNey-vegaN values to the aVerage consuMeR ::: pisSes me off ::: i telL you ::: >>>

aNyhow — i talked w/ Scaramouche just prior to thiS wednesday's performaNce & i asked hiM 'doO you thiNk you caN bring it?' & he just looks at me blankly w/ his dR. Who scarf coyly cradled iN his opeN palMs liKe soMe sort of winterclothing aVant pietà oR soMething 'doO you think you caN bring the Avant Variety?' ::: >>>

::: | ::: oh i piSsed hiM off alright ::: >>>

he spit at the walL behind me — turNed away & said 'you just WATCH SiNuS — you'lL see — theRe's toO much f!sherm*N taleNt liNed up toNight — so much YOU won't know WHAT to doO w/ yourself!' & up the backstairs he cliMbed — out into the crisp caMbridge february eVeNing to coOL off a bit no doubt ::: i could almost guarantee you i could almost verify ::: >>> 

toO much taleNt?

toO much taleNt foR oNe stage?



::::::::::::::::::::::::: ( & he waS right
:::::::::::::::::::::::::: Scaramouche waS right ) ::: >>>


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February 11, 2003 - 12:43 am

<<< ::: SNO - in fulL effect - yo ::: >>>

aS if i have not had enough oN the grief over the last few days w/ the spaM emails — now i aM asked to formerly apologize for the cusswords i used during the last Scara's Night Out ::: what caN i doO? ::: i meaN — i waS a bit crasS after alL this — no? ::: i doO think i used the word fishermaN at least 3 tiMes [ but not consecutively my friends — nothing as eviL as that ] ::: >>>

& so ::: to take care of the business — i doO so humbly apologize if my use of fowL language offended aNyoNe on the lizard lounge lasttiMe we met ::: 'Z21' — please doO send forth unto me this 'spammifesto' [ as you say ] ::: i drooL for the opportunity to peruse & study the manifests & gaskets of youR mindfold ::: i believe we have moRe iN commoN thaN you may suspect — although you deeM yourself froM another place & tiMe i believe? ::: but regardleSs — i just have oNe quetioN before proceediNg — did you send me the 'Depression & Bipolar Treatment' spam emaiL? ::: aRe you really 'Cindy L'? ::: just please — let me know — no hard feelings either way little trooper ::: >>>



for thoSe of you who remaiN unaware ::: this wednesday at the Lizard Lounge — Scara's Night Out — installment # 3 — it's sure to be a dandy ::: >>> check out this emaiL promotioN { please note ::: the emaiL promotioN is NOT spaM — it is not eveN a flaMe ::: i repeat ::: NOT spaM at alL ::: not in aNy way ::: simply an emaiL promotioN } ::: >>>
pick up 'cellar door' online at amazoN

let me telL you — last performaNce i waS shocked to see a lack of merchandisiNg ::: luckily for us alL — soMe of the fiNe music heard in installment # 2 is available onliNe at the amazoN store ::: for instaNce — check out Mascara's album 'Cellar Door' — simply amazing stuff ::: you have 'Sweet Anne' getting really gritty oN the dark tip on the bridge — you know? ::: & theN there's the classic 'Square Box Man' — i meaN you just want to rip sh!t up listening to the rage of that kickin' riff ::: 'JesusSataN' — such a powerfuL creeping jaunt of melancholia ::: & of course — 'Electrode' — you missed out big my friends if you missed this last installment of Scara's Night Out because both 'Electrode' and 'Damp' graced the Mascara setlist — & — 'Electrode' is a sheer electric symphonic phenomena — insaNe ::: i aM only hoping they begin agaiN w/ 'Time is a Lie' ::: but we shalL see yeS we shalL see — for this aVant variety showcase continues to be unwieldy & unpredictable — moreso further oN & oN froM show to show i assure you good friend ::: >>>

welL — i aM falling short oN my promises to recap each installment as they drop ::: but i wilL get back to theM little by little — i wilL catch up ::: as for tonight ::: my attempts to cleaN the dirty data froM the kitcheN drawer so to speak oN my latenight shift here has left me cold & thirsty & disappointed ::: soMetiMes theSe thiNgs happeN i guess — but my work this evening has beeN very unsuccessfulL ::: >>>


don't you eveR mouseOver this image agaiN!

oN the meantiMe ::: if you caRe to joiN my mailing list — please emaiL me here ::: i wilL put together a better way soON — perhaps a simple forM or soMething — to subscribe or unsubscribe ::: but for now a simple emaiL wilL doO ::: besides receiving notificatioN of upcoMing Scara's Night Out showcase performances — you wilL also receive a valentiNe's day onliNe card [ veRy fuNNy if i doO say so myself ] ::: &/or other promotionaL notificatioNs that aRe NOT spaM-oriented iN aNy way whatsoever ::: so pleaSe — won't you give [ give me your emaiL address that iS & the permissioN to send along soMe ScaraNews ( &/or SiNuSNews ) ] ::: >>>

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