March 06, 2002 - 5:06 pm


being followed again like cats & dogs in the kitchen if you catch my draft ::: >>> alL i can do is remain calm & remove the emotionality of my paranoia & everything will be fine i am sure of it :

i saw him out by the dumpsters behind my work when i had stepped out to take some air : just peering out from around the corner of the brickface wonderland : all parkinglots & grassy knolls & sparsely placed tree nooks : such a frikken weirdo : just standing there — smoking a pipe — wearing these phat black sunglasses — reading a finance magazine : i still do not know his true identity — although i have many names that i have intentoried for him you can bet this — no? :


the little moodstats icon makes you want to just click on it - no?1 thing i do to make sure i do not lose the handle is keep an accurate record of my thoughts feelings & moods : i do that hear on my diaryland account & also out at my moodstats : i highly recommend you download & pay the meagre amount to document & compare your general vibe against that of the global community my friends : its so pink — no? ::: >>>

but anyhow ::: this creepy guy — he doth persist so well i guess i guess — i don't know what to do — i will NOT give into his intimidating ways & all of this — you know? : then he will see my fearedness & just feed off of this : i cannot call his attention to the police or anything like this or that : this will do me no good : drawing attention to his behaviors will only encourage hiM : so — ignore him i must :

any particular advice? : any sites i can go visit to get a good game plan at my friends? : any recommendations? : please let me know if you will : i would appreciate the feedback :


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March 06, 2002 - 8:08 am


well ::: >>> the cat is on the bag now my friends - no? ::: >>>

what the frikk is up w/ theSe priests? : all coming out of there perspective confessional closets & whatnot &/or refuting alligatioNs & being alL holier than though? it is craZy i would say — it iS disgrace : i don't know what to think or say anymore : krik krik krik : & there is no good no more i guess : when good is bad & bad means NO & alL that is good is nasty — i cannot comprehend all this mumbo dumbo & stuff : it is difficult to read the newsweek sometimes now in the public lavatory at the office : i cannot understand it alL ::: >>>


but :


what do i know?

the database — soMe higher high code functionality : VPN connectivity — acii syntax manipulation of strings — the jaVascript functionality of life & love & merriment : not a churchy church instigated scandal & craZy midnight masS reveries — this is on sure ::: >>>


what will this world be coming to? : this is what i aM worried about this morning : i don't have much trouble sleeping lately — but i wonder — shouldn't i? ::: w/ things the way they are ::: >>>


shoe bombs & buggery : cape cod & the islands : i don't know : why can't they leave the kids aloNe or something like this? — let them play the soccer & all of this things — you know? :

i don't get it sometimes i guess : i mean — don't get me wrong — i am as much into social deceptioN as the next guy : you won't find me in the terrorist line ups or anything : i won't wear a brown ups outfit or anything : but — still — there are ways to accomplish things w/in the law but just beyond the realm of the corporate inhibitive parameters that bind us to our lactations :

& so — for now — sinus must get back to work — je dis au revoir à vous

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March 03, 2002 - 11:45 pm

today waS a fairly long day : i had to help a friend move from her apartment back to her mother's house : her landlord did not like fact that she was feeding birds on his property & so he kicked her out : what miserable people there are in this world - no?

anyhow :

this took up most of the day : thank goodnesS i usually have sunday off from work [ although i usually go in to shoot shit w/ anyone who might be dilling around & whatnot - so ] :

little trip - it took mostly long to pack up the truck & van : the downstairs neighbor just smoking & walking forth & back making just everything worse in generaL : i cannot tell you what nuisance she waS : but - let us not dwell on the negative thing - you see?

anyhow :

my friend & her cats : moving back home : a cloudy day near the ocean : some sweat froM behind my glassesriMs : cooL air : a slight muscle sorenesS now

a long day

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