March 23, 2004 - 9:41 am

i stilL can't believe that Clyve & the management are finally going to play out live at PA's as part of the Horrible Elephant series under the auspices of Leah Callahan + the boys ::: >>>


::: this is a fantastic! :::


i've known front-man gHollenz now for years : met him at the Café Algiers in Harvard Square so, so many years ago > & back then it was alL just a bunch of folksy song he composed on a little casio keyboard in his garagespace in Allston ::: but now, i had the pleasure of hearing the practice tapes live, i can say for a fact that this is a magnificent ensemble w/ some strong materials ::: the songs are alL so catchy & they really reflect the time period on which we alL live ::: >>>

& this concepts ::: the superStore America Tour ::: it's a fantastic as well! ::: i love those ::: you know? — he told me on the casual conversation recently that his idea is that the USA has become a giant superStore, a shoppingmall — no? : it's all about something different than the ideal of democracy & freedom & liberty & justice for alL : it's more about marketing & consumption & globalization & economics & ::: welL, this is me w/ the paraphrasings — no? ::: i think gHollenz said something like 'It's a bit disappointing Sinus, you know? Here I am trying to promote these ideals of democracy & creativity and the government goes & ruins things all the time w/ their wanton capitalist consumeristic hidden agendas. We all know right now it's about the oil & whose balls are bigger than whose ( or rather, whose bombs are bigger than whose, right? ). I think Dr. Seuss hit it right on w/ the Cat in the Hat deal there. It's sort of like a premonition, a sort of Nostradamianistic view into the politics practives by the Bush tribes. Thing 1 & Thing 2 are like George Bush & then young Dubya. Their out of the box, man. & they just keep futzin' around w/ crazy blinders on, not really thinking about the future of the world, but instead just sniffin' out what's best for them, eh? & sooner or later my friend — whose gonna have to go in & clean it all up? That's right! The Cat & the Hat & the children of America! Fr!kken A Right Sinus! Makes me goddam sick! & so, who's the Cat in the Hat, metaphorically speaking that is?'

i look blankly at my crotch & run my fingers silently around the lip of my cappucino. Long silence.

g then yells, 'I think it's Bill Clinton! That's right! Or maybe someone else ... someone like Richard Meninges!'

i order a hot cider from the lebanese coffee waitress & think of ways to escape this conversation ... but not, first, without some hummus or something to satisfy my capitalist, consumeristic cravings — eh?


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March 03, 2004 - 11:14 am

i get this message on the guestbook on the other day :

how's it going, sinus? how's your um, CAMPAIGN going to stop us? you techno-scum biscuits will NEVER be able to stop us. you might as well put your energy into something useful, like feeding doe-eyed starving kids or something. oh, and nice dream the other night: broken glass can only mean failure ahead!!!

well well welL : guess who this can be my friends ::: yes just guess :

non other than the Z21! that is right : after being locked away for severaL months — following the arrest and dismemberment back during the days of Scara — Z21 and his evil brigade of eminion spammers have returNed to reek the havocs! : i cannot stand for this things! : i will not put up w/ alL of the click here click this click that! : no no no — not for me! ::: >>>


what iS becoMing of the world? ::: >>>

Z21 wilL not get away w/ this! — we cannot put up w/ his antiques & his misjudgements! — just to keep you informed & let you know out there in cyberland — brothers, sisters, comrads, friends, revolutionaries — he wilL be brought to justice! — there wilL be a world w/o spaM! & a world w/o spiM as welL! — no need to hold feaR for your inbox aNy longer — no more need to right-click delete from outlook netizens — we shalL round up Z21 & his eviL cohorts one sand 4 alL! — and life wilL be much safter onliNe agaiN ::: >>>

[ a sidenote : i have already begun to send superspiders technology through the fiberoptics of the superhighway interranational network to pinpoint the new whereabouts & when of Z21 & his stanky minioN! : we wilL round them up — yes? ... YES! ... & no longer wilL we fear the cold calL fandango danciNg of the spaMMage supreMe! ::: aN end to spaM ::: a world w/o spaM ::: this is my value-add end-goaL my friends ::: this is my visioN of utopia ::: email ... yes ... email w/o blind-forwarded marketing message or chainletters ... free also of requests to contribute to charities : god bless the monkeys ]


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