March 06, 2003 - 4:04 pm

practicing at an undisclosed locatioN ::: >>>

welL ::: i have to telL you my cyberfriends out theRe ::: last night i was at the radio pü practice for next wednesday's Scara's Night Out show at the Lizard Lounge — & — judging by the ways things went — i think the show is going to be un-freakiNg-reaL — amazing — astounding — incredible ::: theRe waS oNe point where Ethan's madcap adlibbing went so far aS to put me into the laugh-riots my friends ::: i laughed i cried { i checkwiped shortly following the practice } ::: i caN hardly wait to unleash the pü oNce agaiN ::: it is goiNg to be soMething to behold i caN assuRe you of this ::: >>>

please check out our little pü proMo — just click here ::: >>>


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March 05, 2003 - 4:11 pm

niCe sounds my friends ::: >>>

::: my my my ::: i waS surfing along on the net just now — trying to arrange for the travel accomodatioNs ::: & i bumped across this website for Orfila ::: a bit mysterious in that it is apparently affiliated w/ in soMe way shape or fashioN ::: >>>

reading the press release makes me veRy thirsty for Orfila's much-anticipated sonic offerings ::: i must go & listeN to soMe julian cope now in preparatioN for the exquisite sounds to coMe ::: >>>

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March 05, 2003 - 11:24 am

stop fr!kkeN whining ::: >>>

so ::: aNyhow ::: >>>

i aM receiving the voicemaiL froM my good friend Jorgi last week — i think it was the monday before the last installment of Scara's Night Out ::: yes my good friend Jorgi EsSelsdûm giving me the voicemaiL message to see if about getting together agaiN for the first tiMe in a while & alL ::: unfortunately i did not have tiMe — what w/ the performance preparatioNs & soMe other plans { plans that may perhaps seeM triviaL to Jorgi — but plaNs nonetheless — no? } — i had to say 'no' to my good friend ::: >>>

welL — aNyhow ::: >>>

i calL & leave a voicemaiL message to Jorgi that i wilL not be able to get together — i had soMe things to do — i would not be available ::: & what do i get? ::::::::::::::::::::::: that's right :::::::::::::::::: the fr!kkeN cold shoulders ::: >>>

you know? — no phonecalls — no emails — no snailmails — no nothing in regards to communication from Jorgi for days on end ::: & — as much as i do not enjoy the cold shoulders — i must say that i too was not going to apologize for the fact that i could not accomodate ::: i mean — seriously my friends? ::: let's alL just get on the 'grow-up' traiN as we say — no? ::: >>>

i don't know ::: it just disappoints me that soMeoNe can act so childishly concerning the constraints of a typical adult life schedule ::: >>>

:::::::::::::::: Jorgi calls me last night to see if we can get together — theRe are certain tensions in his telephonic demeanor — he asks how my 'book for Thursday' is looking ::: what book are we talking about here my friend? ::: i am re-reading Tristan Tzara's Seven Dada Manifestos and Lampisteriesis this the book you are talking about? ::: i ask him where & when to meet & he asks if meeting at my workplace would be convenient for me { w/ much stress put on the word convenient } ::: welL — let me telL you something — such ridiculous anger & negativity in a meeting w/ my 'friend' is never convenient never needed never wanted ::: Jorgi has important news to telL me ::: at this point i don't think i can even care ::: i can't be bothered w/ his maNy maNy problems ::: there is so much to do in life so many great things to participate in so many good people in the world so much happiness to be involved w/ & there is so little tiMe — so little tiMe ::: why waste aNy? ::: why not resolve the issues? ::: if the issues are w/ me — why not talk to me theN & theRe & over the telephoNe { you have my underided attention } — or — if the issue is soMething internaL { which it just might be } theN why not resolve the issues at hand? ::: why not try to figure out what is wrong? ::: go to psychotherapy if needed ::: talk to friends families ministers { welL — maybe not ministers — no } strangers eveN — but don't externalize & misplace the anger the confusion the rage the disappointment the issues the problems the alergies the imbalances the misunderstandings the emptineSses the fritterings the mental titty-twisters & butterflies — do not misplace this alL onto me ::: >>>

just a simple request { grow up }

enough for now ::: >>>

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