March 11, 2002 - 9:46 am


here is what the Boston Globe had to say about radio pü today in the Go! section of their entertainment :

Family hour
Everybody sing along: ''I love you/You love me/Now it's time to get nas-ty.'' Ross Hamlin, the demented mind behind Radio Pu, takes aim at loathsome children's icon Barney tonight as part of his postmodern radio show at the Milky Way Lounge. Hamlin has carefully studied a scene from the kiddie show and gives it a sinister hue with a live overdub. Actually, sinister doesn't quite capture what Hamlin has in mind for poor Barney. ''I transcribe all the music, sound effects, and text from the charming Barney gang, as well as camera pans, cuts, and close-ups. Then I rewrite it all, with new text that corresponds to the timing and gestures of the original,'' he says. We'd like to describe the new scene for you, but because Go! is a family column, those sorts of off-color words don't exist in our lexicon. Hamlin's ribbing is less ''Death to Smoochy'' and more ''What's Up, Tiger Lily?'' Other skits on the bill tonight include ''Baywatch Revere'' and ''Messiah Technical College (40 day/40 night program).'' The merriment starts at 9; $5.

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March 11, 2002 - 8:05 am


tonight is the iNsoMNia show for radio pό at the milky way — intoxications — excitement — subconscia goNe wild — inhibitions freewheeling & let goNe & go — music — neo-dada live radio theatre — party favours — bowling — pizza — beer ::: >>> what more could one ask for my friends? — no?

tune in to radio pό online ::: >>>

tonight's show includes the funky server side inclusions of the bacon channel — genetic farms milk — more barney overdub hysteria — hitler's pissed — oops my chum chihuahua — vfw lady's furniture superstore warehouse — miss cleo & mr t — smilin' dan the twitching pet rat — finneaus gage — & many many much mores [ for a previously written pre-review of the show taken completely out of context & written using the adventageous aspectations of henry miller's spiral time paradigm — read my previous entry for march 11 2002 entitled 'an incredible show' — written moments after the show's completion late late tonight ::: >>> ] ::: >>>

i thank you for coming to the show in advance if you can make it ::: i appreciate your support & pantyhose & hope to befriend you & your relatives at various new england coffeeshops & when you least expect it too ::: >>>

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