July 28, 2003 - 9:40 am

zim zaM ::: baddah bing ::: BAM ::: >>>


the corporate baM is gonna getch you ::: >>>

oNe annoyiNg habit oN the workplace that i aM noticing moRe & moRe ofteN recently { click here to refinance } iS what i calL almost affectionately — the corporate baM ::: >>>

the corporate baMhow do i best describe this thiNgs? ::: welL — it's usually the part of typicaL watercooler conversatioNs & soMetiMes is eveN aN interjectioN amidst meetingtiMe banter & explanatioN ::: it definitely is intended to raise the leveL of excitement oN the conversatioN — no? { refinance now } ::: & it seeMs like it is used iN a culminatiNg seNse most of the tiMes — but stilL usually followed by a trailiNg explanicative — see? ::: >>>

although the intentioN of almost every corporate baM is to increase interest — invigorate — alert the listener to soMethiNg important — almost every tiMe this baM thiNg tends to give off the opposite effect for me [ although i have not yet inquired around to polL other witnesses of the corporate baM ::: >>>

heRe is a quicktake value-add example of such baM-injected office conversatioN :



aNyhow — moRe & moRe you heaR this oN the conversatioNs — oN the office { rent a winnebago — right onliNe } — iN the café — oN the subways — oN the highways & biways of aMerica — the corporate baM — oNe further step to eliminating thought & intelligence froM our modurN everyday discussioNs ::: >>>

[ when i speak upon the micra phone ::: peace out ::: yo ]

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March 12, 2003 - 5:29 am

::: [ don't click heRe ] :::

i have beeN up alL night trying to figure out aN automated solutioN to this HT p!ssing incidents w/ little Petey there ::: >>>

i aM complete & utterly wired to the maXimuM at this point now : i aM not tired in aNy way { although i stayed up well beyond 4 in the AM } but i caN feeL the tiredness iN my eyelids — yes i caN ::: >>>

welL : aN evening of tinkering thru the night & i aM about to boobytrap the little dog that brought on the wet miseries ::: no moRe of this — no no — no moRe of this i say to you ::: i aM doNe w/ the neighbor's dog just making number oNe wherever they damnwelL please ::: i aM about to take controL ::: >>>

the device i created { a microchip-liKe construct } caN be surgically inserted into Pete's neck — just under his fuR & flesh ::: i wilL be able to monitor & occasionally controL each k9 actioN of the furry mutt ::: no moRe excretory dilemma raining dowN oN my parade ::: no moRe ::: >>>

but now — how do i luRe hiM up to my place foR the implantatioN of the mind-controL device? ::: >>>


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