March 14, 2002 - 6:42 am

now my mouse is busted :

i don't know : what could have happened? ::: >>>


luckily i still know how to navigate thru windows using clicks & clacks of the computer keyboard — so — no productivity loss there my friends :

but still :

what could have happened? :

i've tried to troubleshoot this office dilemma on my own — w/o the assistance of the it folk here ::: their time is very tight as this is you know? :

i've opened the little panel on the bottom : & removed any lint build-up from the various mechanisms inside : the little spinning metallic dowels there - no? : & of course — i've made sure to clean the mouse ball — the little coordinate tracking device that makes all of this possible everyday :

but — no luck ::: >>>

vist dirt dirt : just do it my friends ::: >>>

well : irregardless of this fact : this little hang ups — i continue my little online project whenever i can : whenever i can sneak the tiMe — i add a new element : visti my little online project so far : not much yet i must add mittens ::: >>>whether the mouse works or not : hey — it is not my fault now — is it? — that my actual office productivity drops ::: perhaps this decline in office-like productivity occurs simultaneous w/ the announcement that there will be no bonus this year : this boils me on upside :::

my job is no rocket surgeory — i can assure you — but still — there must be some incentive to 'get the job doNe' — no? ::: >>>

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March 13, 2002 - 2:24 pm

well : a few days since the wünderous show & i coMe to thiS 1 conclusioN ::: >>>

no matter where you call for phone assistance — there is nobody to help : all this automated phone help : all this please press '1' if thiS please press '2' if that please presS thiS — this is what i say — no?

drives me to the crazy :


makes me angry on that too :


ooh am i boiled on :

i cannot stand this type of phone things :

anyhow : of course — this has not a thing to do w/ the show : the radio pü show from march 11 2002 : this was a positive things : this was a nice time a wünderous performance yes indeed :

here is my phonelike dilemma : this thing i have at home in my homeoffice — no? : this supersurge protection unit under my desk — this thing begins to beep & beep for a long tiMe — like a droning long beep — more like the sine wave or something i guess : i am assuming the batteries inside it are completely drained — no? : & so i open up the things — i take a look — i take the battery w/ me to work — & i call the store — the local computer store to find out if they carry this things :

& :

guess what happens ::: >>>

no help : thank you for no help : no help at all :


first i go thru the typical phone queries of dial this dial that dial this : then i finally get this guy out in texas or some such thing : then he asks for my zip code & i tell him my work zip codes & not my home one — you see? : & then when i describe that i want to go to this other locations on the way back from the office — they phoneguy checks on the inventory — but since i do not have the 6-digit code from their store place — he cannot locate &/or indicate if the product is in stock — or — if even they carry this things :

this embroils me i think :

if anyone knows where i can find this thing please let me know : it is the following thing :

a sealed lead battery [ that must be recycled ] & it says it is battery CSB HC 1221 W made by the CSB Battery Co., Ltd. [ they are placed in Taiwan or something ] :

if you could be so kind as to let me know the whereabouts of this things — i would be so kind as to be grateful & such : thank you ::: >>>

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