April 13, 2007 - 1:03 am

ok ::: listen ::: sad but true, i heard that Kurt Vonnegut is no longer with us ::: beside reading his many novelistic contributions to the greater universe & beyond ... i also felt very much in tune w/ his pessimistic disapproval of the state of the world, a world that hasn't seemed to change much in matters of violence, war, destruction & the general surrealistic advancement of society ::: >>>

strange to me that the death of one of america's most imaginative novelists would be overshadowed by the Don 'nappy headed' Imus incident that is getting oh so much exposure ::: sad that such a popular radio host said a few stupid things, typical comments of the shock jockery going on — but should it surprise any of us here in the US? after the Springerfication of the televised world not so long ago, it seems that trash talk & negativity ofttimes get the most attentioN ::: i am personally not a fan of Imus ... i cannot usually understand hiM, something about the gravelly timbre of his voice & the general 'good old boy' notions stirring up oN the station there tend to turN my ears oN elsewhere ::: anyhow — its everywhere oN the news & in the media, moreso thaN global warming or microbial pooling ::: Imus Imus Imus ::: Imus therefore i am ::: Imus increase my bust ::: Imus get back to the more important topic, no? yes, yes ::: >>>

Kurt Vonnegut ::: mixing science fiction, autobiography, satire & a truly thought-provoking cynicism — Cat's Cradle, Slaughterhouse Five, Player Piano, The Sirens of Titan — all novels that utilize humor to help elevate the spirit up, out from the horror conducted on a daily basis ::: a unique style, readily accesible, down-to-earth, fantastic ::: your life & work live on to warn us, warm us & inspire ::: >>>

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March 1, 2007 - 9:11 am

well well well ... not much activity from old SiNuS BRaDy in quite sum time i would say ... but fear not brothers & sisters ... i am in the midst of compling my first book of poetry ... poetry is my passion as you might know ...

the book will be called 'Web 2.0 Poetry' ... a simple title ... here is the latest entry ...


tagcloud bukkake

& then there are the poems
of the bitter end …

the folksonomy of death
a hyperlinked magnetic poetry into the collective subconscious
snapshot definition for the end-user
a final solution
the stripsearched Googlebot that comes in the night to tuck you in
rightclick tiptoeing with a wonderous
clink clink clink

click here

our anonymity is preserved
i have changed my profile
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 ready or not here i come


mr & mrs jeeves i presume
make yourselves at home

a line-up of standing nude men
all along the walls of this room a gigantic
display of love
dwarves & giants
hairy or cleanshaven
muscular or flabby
all that matter in this online instance are pricks & hands & silver wristwatches
silver wristwatching

click here


links that lead to the deeper & darker recesses of the mind
the folksonomy of sex & perversion
prevaricate line-up of men willing to love, to show their love
the projection of that love
eager to please
but not willing to work out

i mean, just some sort of minimal work out

this is all we can ask

come out come out wherever you are

you are being watched

time stops

at this point time stops completely

we have reached the end
this is my theory
we have reached the bitter end yet we are unaware
because there was no news at 11
reporting live from the story
it was just slightly mentioned
in a Google AdWords campaign
that wasn't all that successful in generating hits
& so we have passed over into that netherbliss region
the nightfall of mankind
but who gives a click?

Web 2.0 happens



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