March 18, 2002 - 4:57 pm


the woman who sits across the cube height from me is about as dumb as beltbuckles : she is always jibjabbing on the phone : talking to this one or that one : sometimes — when she runs off to go to the ladies room — i slip some rum into her coffeecup — makes her less anxious — you know? — less highstrung & such — & this makes it nicer in the office for me — no?



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March 18, 2002 - 7:45 am


& now i get a crank call : no talking : not even the heavy breathing i sometimes get on the crank calls from home : just the sound of a room really : another officebuilding : or perhaps — a different room within this very officebuilding ::: >>>

i can hear the quiet constant exhalation of the building air systems : no real other office noises in the background : no music : no clicking or clacking of computer keyboard : not much of anything really :

at first i think that this is a credit card debtor of some sort calling to annoy me — to coax me to pay some late bill or something — then i notice a sort of phlegmy clearing of the throat — not too too close to the telephone receiver : i also take observative note that the sound of this close-to-nothing is far too clear to be a payphone or cellphone audio signal : this is definitely a corporate line — & almost definitely a phoneline from within the building :

perhaps this is the person who perpetrated the fingercrime :

'who are you : what is this about?' — i ask in a very calm voice — then — i simply listen — silently listen — 2 can play at this game [ or if it is 3-way calling — 3 can play at this game — or — i am sure there are other telecommunication options that allow for more than 3 — like a party line — but i assume it unfathomable for so many people to be so creepily quiet at once — without even giggling a little bit — no? ] ::: >>>

after about 30 minutes — i hang up :

i have to get back to work — no? ::: >>>



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March 18, 2002 - 6:26 am


back in the office after a long nice weekend away — & my motivational level — my motivity — is down a few flights if you catch my draft my friends my friend indeed ::: >>>

i have planted a bug listening device inside of a pineapple that i have left in the breakroom or kitchen here at the office — i desperately need to find out who's fingers were left inside my wastepaperbasket a while back — they are in my locked deskdrawer & now are beginning to give off fowl odors that i cannot ignore as much as previously i could :

i checked on them this morning & they are beginning to also slime up like shrivelling snails w/ fingernails — a woolen covering now also grows around the area of severance if you know what i talk about :

i still do not know what to do : what would you do in this situation? : i cannot figure it out : i am feeling that if i told hr — perhaps they would think i was the one who de-fingered someone in the office — i have yet to find someone around & about the office building who seems to be recently missing 3 fingers or who is at least heavily bandaged around the hand wrist or arm area :

this is all very mysterious to me ::: >>>

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