March 18, 2003 - 9:19 pm

::: [ so sad ::: too bad ] :::

howdy ::: >>> { free XXX links } ::: i meaN — ehm — er — please disregard any of these unintentionaL bit from spammaiL { brush your teeth right online } ::: it stilL appears that i have soMe sort of virus of something that is { live neo-dada radio theatre } causing these sort of hypertexturizatioN of my speech & my written works ::: please forgive me — i stilL have { kilL chickeNs - fast AND eaSy } no control over this at the moment agaiN ::: although i went to my PCP — she referred me to a specialist to hopefully remedy this dire situation ( let's just hope my healthcaRe plaN wilL cover this ) { Lose weight now with Clamato-based dietary shakes } ::: >>>

::: [ war ] :::

welL ::: it seeMs that Mr Dubya — you know? — George W 'WAR' Bush is hellbent oN pushing for the waR w/ iraQ ::: or should i say 'Countdown : Iraq' w/ big booMing fonts & sound effects? ( the media is absolutely craZy w/ the buzZ — this is soMe sort of sick media-frenZy wonderland of taglines — catchphraseologies — animated corNer logos ::: you just want to drink lots of coffee & shake & p!ss while ridiNg oN the subway { click here } faR away froM the zaNy mediastreaM — the brainwash mechanisM for our anxious citizeNs ) ::: >>>

howdy ::: >>>welL { dogs & chickeNs — living in siN } ::: unleSs Dubya knows soMething he's not letting oN or out w/ — i stilL don't see the reasoNing behind the ultimatuM ( i hope & pray theRe is soMe reasoN besides the oiL greed machiNe ) ::: >>> otherwiSe — it seeMs rather straNge & alL — eveN aftuR Saddam broke the previous Desert Shield UN agreements concerNing the wmd ::: aNyhow — you dowN w/ opp? ( yeah — you know me? ) ::: hello theRe — howdy Dubya — wouldn't we need soMe sort of actiON to react to foR this to seeM worthy of a suddeN strike on iraQ? : won't this be almost as bad as invadiNg little Kuwait? { eat seasponges w/ relative eaSe using our advanced money-making pyramid scheMe } ::: >>>

what is goiNg oN heRe? ::: >>>

i meaN — i aM a bit nervous about this — no? : how about you? : what do you think oN this warthiNgs? ::: i meaN — the US already haS a fiNe reputatioN across the globe at this point : US is always considered a bit brute : the footbalL faNs goNe wild oR soMething : placiNg bets : i aM especially concerNed w/ the suddeN fascinatioN | no no | the obsessioN w/ the reality TV shows { enlarge the length & girth of your penis } ::: you know? ::: i meaN — we seeM to be driftiNg so farther & farther away froM the reality — art imitates life imitates art imitates televisioN imitates movies imitates art imitates tv's imitates classclowNs imitates { click here } the internet imitates reallife imitates rock 'n' rolL imitates televisioN agaiN imitates the imitatioN of art which theN begiNs agaiN the vicious orb alL oveR agaiN ::: we've lost track of the reality ::: the news seeMs pre-packaged — i can almost already right-click & watch the mini-series in mpg format onliNe — people email me pictures of their yacht & instant message over 'i'm going over ( jk ) — what are you up to lateR this week SiNuS? goin' to the gaMe' ::: { look at these (.)(.) } ::: >>>

::: [ there must be another way ] :::


& what about this whole mystery disease out iN asia — eh? ::: theRe must be soMething going oN w/ this — no? { free downloads }>>>


theRe is no mouseover oN this image either - ok?

welL ::: i've got to go foR now — the specialist just called to reschedule my damned appointment for next thursday ::: i've { genital pleasuRe — click here } got to rid myself of this terrible terrible afflictioN { aRe you tired of getting spaM? } hopefully i caN also have them check into my recent re-surfaced neckpaiN ::: >>>


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