March 20, 2002 - 4:02 pm


ah — perhaps i have found an online solution to this dilemma w/ the cellphone guy on the coffeeshop ::: thanks to a friend of mine who dropped a line — a future purchase of this mobile blocker device might come in handy to disappoint thoSe rude perpetrators of telecommuncation rudenesses in public places ::: >>> check it out <<< :::


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March 20, 2002 - 1:57 pm


1 thing i cannot stand & afteralL is these people who use the cellphones in very public places to the rudeness & general disdain for the overall effects of social settings & mankind in general : call me a negative boy if you want — but this is my pet peeves — no? :

anyhow — i am at a certain unmentionable coffeshop in my wood of the necks upon my lunchbreak to get a large coffee — no? — & some complete like phd ceo of some self-contained start up is discussing the things w/ a person down in new orleans — venture this preliminaries that & so on etcetera — completely rude — completely in his own startup spaceshot world — moving around as if noone else were there — looking at pastries touching the recent & finely polished glass pastry encasement — being a general nuisance & an omnipresence amongst strangers who could care less about his little walking codependent attention disaster circus there — just annoying :

of course — if i could have — i would have done something completely immature to disrupt his signal or interfere w/ his conversation : if i could somehow block the reception w/ large magnets or metal or something while beaming a voracioussmile his way i would have [ unfortunately i left my large magnets & metal at home ] : or — if it could be feasible in some way that avoided problems w/ the police or the law — i would have completely smashed him in the talking elbow to somehow launch his cellphone clear across the room — hopefully hitting someone else in the head or neck to place some sort of liability upon this complete telecommunications lunatic :

but — these rude cellphone behaviours are not seen badly by our society — these are perfectly acceptable things to do — just jab on & on & on on cellphones in coffeshops cinemas restaurants hotel lobbies elevators department stores malls automotive repair shops atms doctors offices & the like :

there should be a law — no? ::: >>>


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March 20, 2002 - 8:03 am


very low-key day today so far at the office ::: >>>

no printer jam : no error message : no page not found 401 : people slowly drifting in & falling clumsily into their deskchairs — alL conveniently angled & adjusted for maximum officetiMe comfort : people gathering their coffee w/ fellow co-workers asking about their lastnights & their little after worktiMe trips to the gym & the like : i saw this one i saw that one : it goes on :

sometimes i think there is no heartbeat for america :

not any longer :

its just a purr — an exhalation that keeps gently pushing forth — the shushing of office ventilation — of computer cooling fans — the whirring of electronics & machinery — gadgets gadgets gadgets :

boy — have i got to get more sleep — no? ::: >>>


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