March 21, 2002 - 10:11 am

& so — now — if you hadn't guessed it — i will complain a bit more about the office ::: >>>

this guy in my department always play what i like to call 'the ceo cateriNg gaMe' — ie — he will cater his entire life to accomodate our metaphysical nimda genius of a company leader — he caters his schedule to make it seem like he is omnipresent in the office [ by coming in a bit before the ceo typically arrives & leaving a bit later — makes it seems like he is in the office alL theSe long hours when in fact it is quite the contrary — more like a normal 8 hour day or something less than this if his luncheon break runs a bit long — you know? ] — he caters his workflow to the ceo by being over-accomodating & super serious around hiM [ mostly jovial & quite clownlike otherwise & when the ceo is not around nearby & the suchlike ] — he comes in weekends to make impressioNs [ when in fact he is really burning mp3s to company-purchased cds to make some supercooL compilation albuMs of his favourite rockband ( lousy lousy lousy taste in music i must say — 1 band & then a song here or there from another similarly sounding band at that ) ] — caters his outside life to the ceo [ by doing personal favours & such on weekends & in the spare time & alL ] :

& so — now — if you hadn't guessed it — this is a bit annoying — as i come into the workplace quite early indeed & stay only until about 430 or 5 — i leave after about 9 or 10 hours of working in front of computer monitor alL day long & get the typical 'oh — taking the bankers' hours today, SiNuS?' from various slacker coworkers who just do not know any better — there is no escaping junior highschool people & their little lives & their little thoughts & their jeers & jests & quasi-witty officebanter — such lame geese — lame lame lame — i will try to send them a virus or something to completely destroy their workday — or — what else can i do to make things less nice for theM? — i don't know ::: >>>

this things must happen in alL corporate workplaces to some degrees or another — just — how do i cope w/ this? — what to do? — i don't know what to think anymore sometimes ::: >>>

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