March 20, 2003 - 6:40 am

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i met up w/ my good friend mar von janko last night in harvard square following a top secret meeting of operatioN enduriNg emaiL { if you telL anyoNe — i wilL have to kilL you } ::: we met at the Cafe Algiers just above & behind the Brattle Theatre near HMV Records — ( you know where i speak of brothers & sisters of the e-revolutioN — no? ) ::: toward the end of our tiMes together ( i ordered the Arabic coffee & soMe baba ganoush — van janko got the good old cold apple cider { a bit strange as a hot cider might have juxtaposed the return to icy cold conditioNs here in the northeast } ) — i had to urinate ::: >>>

so — i excused myself & climbed up the twisty stairway to the beautiful second floor ( theRe is aN opening in the middle of the second floor space that looks downward toward the entryway & coffeebar — so fr!kken cooL & euro — no? ) ::: i entered the 'gentlemen' rooM — immediately felt visually assaulted by the Brooklyn-style graffiti attack adorning the rooM — i sat & peed * staring at myself in this big mirror theRe in front of me ::: & theN — after washing my hands & flushing — i noticed soMe beautiful poetry oN the walL which i wilL at this moment shaRe w/ you :


God is in the flowers
bullsh!t makes the flowers grow
therfor bullsh!t = beautiful = God = everything
you are god, you are bullsh!t, you are beautifuL

suddenly it alL made sense to me ::: my conversatioNs w/ mar von janko ::: the Str!ke Iraq — US-led marketing campaign ::: operatioN enduring email ::: the strange charge-card entries for phonecalls to singapore ::: >>>

i felt renewed : relieved : fresh & funky toO : enlightened : somewhat puzZled — but stilL hopefuL & alive — or rather — alive agaiN — reborN & happy deep inside ::: >>>


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