March 21, 2002 - 7:41 am


hello & good morning to alL out there onliNe reading this right now & so forth ::: >>>

i recently had a guest on my guestbooK telL to me that my onliNe diaryland diaRy is nice — but that the funny capitalizatioNs can sometiMes throw her off a bit — & so — i am wondering — is this true for most reader? — do many have technical difficulties in the communication process if the letters are alL ajar & akimbo as they soMetiMes are on my website? — please do — let me know what your take is on this my friends — & let me also try to explain ::: >>>


you see :


there are probleMs w/ my system — certain conditions that i have becoMe accustomed to — but that you — as an end-user to my onliNe diaRy may have difficulty adjusting to — no? ::: things like this capitaliZatioN dilemma & also the straNge colonizatioN of punctuation are true glitches — misfires that i have little control over you see ::: synaptic obsfucatioNs ::: an electronic incontinence if you wilL ::: & so — i readily apologize for the inconvenience — & as much as i might like to know the end-users experience of my site — i am afraid that this little glitches & hiccups in my systemic compilatioN of memories thoughts feeliNgs & day-to-day occurences & observatioNs will remain glitched & hiccuped : wilL remaiN imperfect ::: >>>

so — enough of this explanations for now — enough of my petty contrivaNces — you know? :

& now back to soMe typical daily observations you see ::: >>>

on my way in to the office thiS morniNg — i stop into my typically warM & inviting coffeeshop for a morning pick my up — the place is buzzing aS is usual — soMe faux-blue-note jazZ on the piped in tape machiNe — the chitter chatter of the Bob's & Mike's of the world — alL orderiNg talL take-out cups of hot coffee [ yeS — niCe hot coffee — mmmmmmmMMM mmMMmmmmMMmm good ] : so : i am always on the lookout — you see? — always making certaiN of my surroundings — my immediate reality — my environment : & : can you guess who i see there in the coffeeshop? : this is right : the lady commuter w/ the strange face-patch ::: from just the other day :

thiS — of course — disturbs me : how long has she been here? : has she been following me? : what is up w/ this strange chick of facial healing? : what does she want from me? :

so — in an attempt to clarify these paranoias of miNe — i decided to do something about my stalker commuter patched-up lady acquaintance :

i fiddle in my right pants pocket & garner a shiny cold diMe & slyly drop it to her vicinity : i stroll to the patch lady & say — 'excuse me misS — is that youR diMe? — or are you followiNg me? ' — & i laugh a low laugh a bit :

she looks at me like i am straNge — like i have 3 heads or somethiNg — she picks up the diMe & examines it — as if she has some sort of benign inventory of the mintage date on each coin in her pocket change or something : 'i don't think so' she says to me 'you want it?' :

to this i return negatively w/ 'no no — you can keep it — finders keepers losers weepers - heh heh : thanks for the offer though' : & she turns to move forward in the coffee purchase procession — at this point a man behind me — an obvious landscaper — says to me 'hey man — no cutting in liNe' : 'ok ok' i say — & then i go back to my place at the very end of the queue ::: >>>


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