March 24, 2002 - 9:30 am

welL ::: i finally did it my friends ::: i broke down & bought an HT device from the segway company ::: now i am moving w/ the future ::: >>>

i guess i was a bit tired of walking around when the occasion did not necessitate using the biped devices oh so naturally given unto us : i have not brought this to the office as of yet — but i am certain when i do that the jealousies wilL flair up : i no longer have to journey to the printer w/ a swift step :welcome to the evolution in motility i can easily step up onto the HT & lean forward to glide to my destination w/ an ease only dreamt of in reruns of the jetsons : i do not have a robot unit as of yet to assist in my daily duties [ although i have doNe some online research to begin tinkering for the creation of just such a droid unit that could not only help in the day-to-day — but — moRe importantly — could perform feats that i would never ever be humanly capable of — for instance — lifting my entire desk unit directly up & parallel to the officefloor so as to search for a paperclip that i have inconveniently dropped amidst my working — or — another for instance — enter the ladies room & pretend to change the soap in the soap dispenser while simultaneously recording audio & video documentation of all the lavatory goings on a typical day in the ladies rooM ( or men's rooM if so desired ) ] — i can think of a million ways in which a mechanical assistant could lend to my professional presence in & about the office thereby increasing my productivity & efficiences — so on — etcetera ::: >>>

so — as w/ the HT however — so far i have found it a pleasure & priveledge to utilize this device in my very own home office environment : although my home office is extremely close quarters for comfort — i have been able to quickly get to the bathroom & kitchen for various break activities at remarkably inhuman speeds ( up to 17 miles per hour in fact — you do the calculations for how much faster that is in european kilometric standards my friends — i should move to europe or something ) — & so — snack procurement & consumption as well as bodily processed snack disposal have now almost jumped to lightspeed proportioNs : remarkable indeed :


i cannot wait to bring this w/ me to a nature walk — or — the office — or — out to the boston commons : yes : that should be nice ::: >>>

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