March 28, 2002 - 9:05 pm

::: so — to make long story even longer & more convoluted — i wilL return to the concept of delayed archival of thoughts feelings & observatioNs alL due to the avoidance structure concerning a certain special stalker : this is noone that i can rightly recognize — a very bland & commonplace male — a bit greazy in soMe aspectatioNs — i first noticed him a day or 2 ago [ yeS — 2 days ago to be more precise ] :::

i am in the walgreens — picking up soMe footpowder & toothpaste — some staples of cleanlinesS necessary for a normal & happy existence in one's own life — welL — i move along to the magaziNe aisle to peruse the periodical offerings when i notice this stranger suspiciously shuffling near the endcap : of all things — he is holding & reading the ingredients to a pink bottle of bubbles — you know? — the sort you blow thru the plastic wand on a slightly cool spring day [ or at birthday parties or on the T ( sometimes i bring some into the handicap stall of the restroom at work — just to keep other corporate pissers guessing ) ] ::: welL — he is extremely interested in these bubbles — & then — since i notice him — i turn quickly from my issue of 'wild turkey hunter' & catch him quickly turn away ::: i decide to take my magazine choice & 2 others with me in my shoppingbasket & move very sullenly toward the colddrink freezer to pick up a colddrink — i stop at an endcap enroute & pretend to be examining the scented gel candles on the cold & pale metal shelving there — i turn & HA! — i see the man — the frikken creepy stalkerguy very close behind me :::

i casually take a mint from my pocket & continue to look at the gel candles : a solid minute & 14 seconds go by — i turn to see him tying his shoelace [ weirdo — complete weirdo — creeps me out ] :::

i then finally approach the colddrink freezer & decide upon one of those bright orange drinks w/ many chemical additives from sobe or whatnot — i mean — at this point i am not paying too much to the attention to my own ongoings & am completely aware of every step of the stalkingman : i make way to the checkout aisles : a candybar : more magazines : some cd singles : alL strategically placed to tempt the autopilot conusmer society we live in my friends [ & i do falL for thiS — i add mittens — i am a consumer in the heart & mind attimes — what can you do? ] :::

welL — i leave & approach my HT casually leaning against the bikerack — i step on & lean forward on & away from the walgreens — thru the parkinglot & back to my humble abode — i took alL the sidestreets i could memorymuster & finally arrived ::: i do not believe that he stalked me via automobile as i had easy escape access on the segway ::: >>>

this was my midweek stalker experience : boy am i thirsty now :

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March 28, 2002 - 7:20 am


sorry ::: i have beeN away foR a few days now :::

besideS trying to troubleshoot & fix my scanner conflicts on the hoMe network — i have also been trying to loSe the trail of a certaiN stalker that has been following me : i assuMe it haS something to do w/ the fingers — or perhaps even the lady w/ the face patch ::: we shall see — we shall see ::: >>>


aNyhow : i am currently safe & sound at my workplace — listening to a new used album i purchased last nite while visiting beautiful davis square in somerville massachusetts — i am also doing some work — uploading some databases for the corporate sales intranet as well as pushing some stored procedures & creating new infrastructure usability specs for the future release — & — i am also eating a cinnamon raisin bagel [ or should i say craisin? - heh heh heh ( aNyhow — damn coffeeplace didn't have blueberry bagels — my preferred starchy breakfast comestible — damn coffeeplace — this boils me up outside ) ] ::: >>>

well — i've gotten off-subject base here — the album i listen to — you ask — 'what do you listen to this morning SiNuS?' ::: welL — i am listening to the 'Writes of Passage' album by sheila E. & the E. train — very nice — Writes of Passage ::: >>>kind of smooth-jazZ & yet very city at the same time — my usual music tastes lend more toward the sampled techno & jungle & basS that keep the energies pumping — you know? — that make the future seem like a yesterday oh so long ago — strictly drum-machiNe — you know? — but — i am happy w/ this purchase aS my troubles seeM far away [ although the stalker could be a co-worker in this very officeplace ] & the world seeMs more unified — a happier place in general [ & we know the story on this 1 my friends ] :

aNyhow — i waS happy to see that Eric Leeds plays on this album — i like the cover art — i picked it up — & now my morning is this much nicer indeed ::: >>>

so now — i continue to work — to keep oN keeping on — right? — is this how you say it? :::

so — to recap on my days or 2 away from archiving here at diarylaNd ::: when we last left off i was pondering who exactly might have left the 3 fingers in my wastepaperbasket at work :behold ::: the power of cheese ::: >>> i have removed the fingers from my desk drawer & moved them safely to my apartment where they are stored in a tupperware container in my refridgerator [ i have put them in the coldcut basket thing — toward the back — behind the provoloNe & pecarino romano wedge ] ::: i have goNe home the last few days a bit nervous — i watch the news to see if perhaps they report on this missing fingers thiNg ::: i do not know what to expect from life ::: >>>

my upstairs neighbors have stopped by twice — veRy unusuaL for them to do so if i might add heRe — so — they have stopped by — a low muffled knock on the dooR — i answer & invite them in [ as if this is a usuaL &/or quotidian occurence ( i do not normally have visitors of any sort in my apartment ) ] : we usually stand in the living area — the news playing on my small black & white television — i turn the volume down — the window is slightly open to get the fresh air & to hear the sounds of this world outside — a bus passing by — people talking as they walk to the cornerstore or to a neighbors house — the occasional police or fire sirens — a cricket or 2 — or a goose or small gaggle in a nearby grassy landing ::: we stand in the living area — me in my pyjamas & they in their nighttime afterwork garb — we talk about nothing in particular — they ask this or that — maybe about a television show — what might be coming on the television [ as if i am the frikken tvguide or something ] or about a show that they might've seen that i might've seen that they want to talk about — i do not think they have an internet connection — or — if they do — it must be a terribly slow 1 — like a 56k modem [ which we know is more like a 28 8 in general for the most part — no? ] — because they never mention 'have you seen this site?' 'have you seen that site?' — they never talk of mlife or cellphones or personal computer devices — i don't even think they noticed my HT [ which i keep close to the television right in my living area ] —& you would think this would be an odd machine that would catch their eye — you know? — that would proffer a questioN or 2 :::

but i find it strange — the neighbors suddenly coming by to discuss this or that — piddly sh!t — nothing really in general — lots of nothing — talk about nothing — it makes me wonder — what are they trying to find out? — what do they want from me? — why do i even open the door at alL? ::: >>>


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