May 26, 2004 - 9:10 am

i recently learned that BijaXOuS suPpleMente will be starting up their poeSy + spokenword showcase called the sound of Dolphins again as version 2.0 ::: sometimes it seems silly when the non-software-like items are advertised or branding in some way with the software-like aspectations & the like : but what can you do — eh? ::: >>>

welL then ::: anyhow ::: this is the exciting tiMe indeed as i know that the original Dolphins group ended toward the late 1990s — just a bit before the dot bomb bust ::: now there may be rooM for moRe poetry thaN ever — & i personally recommend visiting The Javaroom at Ginger Ale Plaza in Chelmsford & checking out the sound of Dolphins ::: it should be a good time [& if you want — you can get the decaffinated too [ ::: >>>


welL ::: today on my commute into work i found i had a bit more tiMe than usual at the redlight — perfecttime to put in the crest whitestrips — you know? ::: so — i positioned my foot on brake & elbows on the steeringwheel — opened up my little blue case — repositioned the rearview mirror — & smiled away w/ those dazzling whites [ getting whiter than white on a day to day basis i might add on ] ::: welL — as the fate would have them — mid-whitestrips the goddam trafficlight went alL green on me & i had to begin my arduous continuation of journies to the work ::: so — i let up on the brake & began the forward roll while simultaneously applying the lowers of the whitestrips [ i can multitask quite welL i think ] ::: but then my cellphone started ringing — what's a girl to do as they say? you know? ::: so — luckily the elbows are a good way to steer — good a way as any of them i suppose — & even though i am still not the pro at talking w/ these sticky films over my uppers & lowers — i answered the cell while putting on the lower strips ::: >>>


::: more to come ::: i promise ::: >>>

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April 4, 2004 - 6:21 am

i have to admit now that i am addicted to the crest whitestrips ::: at first they used to make me nearly gag after the first 10 or 15 minutes of implementation ::: but now i am a master at professional whitening & unfortunately almost like a mad hatter for self-practice of dental hygeine ::: i just want to be part of the groovy groovy scene so bad — you know? ::: for me it's all about acceptance & mtv ::: it used to be all about james taylor & good morning america lullaby to sweet baby james ::: but no, now it is about the three eyes blind, j-lo & ja rule — the bell biv devoe — no? ::: the flash on the pants ::: i am not so sure i guess ::: >>>


alL i know is that at the end of the day — i drink a lot of coffee ::: i love to go to the café & use these sort of tributes to esperanto to order a large hot raspberry latte — it makes me so happy inside ::: i do not, however, want my teeth to go yellow or green just because i like the caffeine in my life — no? ::: do you know what i mean? ::: >>>

when i am burning the midnight oil — or listening to the midnight oil — i like to drink the hot beverage too — you know? ::: it just keeps you warm & buzzing ::: but then on the flipside — since i want sparkling white teeth & healthy gums — it seems i am also buzzing w/ the whitestrips — see? ::: i put them on — an upper & a lower — look into my little blue case compact w/ tiny mirror — sort of smile w/ sticky upperlip — & then sort of close-mouth suck for half an hour or so [ sometimes i go for so much longer than the prescribed half hour — i cannot help it — forgive me Dr Burns! — thems the breaks though — eh? ] ::: i am a pro now to a certain degree as i've said — as now i sometimes use 2 lowers in one session ::: they just seem so wimpy compared to the uppers & they don't seem to cover the entire span of the lower row [ although i know that some areas are not really seen by the general public w/ even the widest cheshire smiles practiced by runaway supermodels ] ::: >>>


ohp ::: hold on ::: the cellphone is ringing ::: got to go for now [ g2g for those that know netling ;] ] ::: talk to you sooN — goodbye for now ::: >>>


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