April 05, 2005 - 6:00 am

several of the good things are happening lately & so it appears that mercury is not in retrograde aNy longer [ speaking oN which — what is it when mercury is no longer in retrograde? ::: is mercury just in grade now? does anyoNe eveN speak of mercury when she is not in retrograde — perhaps only accentuating the negative & speaking instead now oN venus being iN retrograde — or jupiter? uranus? theSe my friends aRe questioNs for the metaphysisists out there i guess i assuMe i say ] ::: >>>

next iteM up for bids ::: >>>

i have beeN noticing & iN utter anticipatory excitement & such therefore that the band Mascara is beginning once agaiN to generate the initial buzz for the upcoming as yet untitled new release ::: a good friend of miNe snuck this link over to me w/ soMe free mp3 downloads froM 'The Cellar Door' sessioNs ::: so feeL free to download — but also — feeL inspired to go to CDBaby & pick up the entire release on CD ::: the album is just fr!kken phenomenal to this day & has sheer moments of classical-like movement froM one song to the next [ oN the days wheN i listeN at work — i aM practically moshing by my lonesoMe within cubical — thrashing about like soMe sort of scarecrow set afire on a hayfarM iN the middle of a dry, dry summertiMe ::: but this is besides the point ] ::: & so — i am giddy as a schoolgirl oN promnight — waiting to see what amaziNg tracks have made the cut [ & perhaps which others might becoMe virtual b-sides for download only by true fans of the man — of the band that rocks Boston & beyond ] ::: >>>

also ::: my good friends & i at BijaXOuS suPpleMente have pushed on as finalists iN the competitioN for a RhizoMe net art commission ::: this is the fantastic news indeed as i hope to see The Behavior Modification Development Research Group further develop into the online surveillance & psychocyberregulatioN committee that we alL originally intended upoN the conceptual inceptioN of the BMDRG laboratories & teaM [ check out the proposal ] ::: >>>


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