April 08, 2002 - 10:03 am


so ::: my friends ::: veRy good weekend — no? ::: >>>

i hope so w/ you ::: i have been working hard on this thing [ no puN intended ] — so now — as part of my web experiments page on the BijaXOuS development staging server — i have posted a web monitor of my heart bio-rhythMs : the flash-based experimental live feed takes the pulse from a node surgically-inserted directly into my left wrist & another node inserted into my right temple : needlesS to say — i have an amazing headache & my carpal tunnel is acting up a bit [ i am a right-hand mouser though & should be fine at the workplace — so have no fear my friends ] ::: >>>

the insertion took approximately 11 hours over the course of saturday evening & early sunday morning — perhaps symbollic of the timechange or something — although this was not planned :::

so — anytiMe you are wondering : how is SiNuS BRaDy doing — you can check in on the basest of medical assumptions that my heartbeat & pulse means i am doing alright as we say — no? ::: >>>

of course — this little meter does not measure anything to do w/ my spirits or poetics — nor my work ethic ::: >>>


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