April 16, 2003 - 6:54 am

::: [ you are being watched ] :::

::: [ 5head strikes agaiN ] :::

welL welL welL ::: what do we have here? ::: >>>

right in the middle of alL this chaos of the world — right when i least suspect it — BAM — on the middle of the coffeeshop i notice that oNce agaiN my friends my brothers my sisters — oNce agaiN i notice that i am being followed — i am being watched ::: i though the insanity was over long ago — but i guessed wrong yes my guesstimate was veRy wrong oNce agaiN ::: let the nightmare begiN ::: >>>

welL ::: aNyhow ::: this tiMe i realized as if out of the fr!kkeN blue or soMething ::: this tiMe i realized a familiaR face amongst the seated : upoN my daily morning commute i stop iN at my usual cafι to pick up soMe caffe latte w/ a shot of raspberry [ yuM yuM ] : while i patiently wait in the liNe [ an unusually long line for this wednesday morning — about 5 or 6 larries in various degrees of suited professionalisM : soMe w/ the starched websafe blue shirt ( the latest thing it seeMs ) — oNe or 2 w/ a necktie — only oNe w/ the sportscoat ( holding the laptop & cellphone still warM iN its hip holster ) — & oNe young lady ( knees to calves to ankles to feet nicely nyloned up for corporate display ) ] i look over & notice amongst the cozychair crowd a maN i know i have seeN at least thrice here before ::: veRy suspicious ::: >>>

welL : aNyhow : this maN — his particulars — the details run down as does follow :

i noticed that the man my pursuant the stalker at hand has an unusually large [ tall ] forehead [ & therefore i shalL calL him the 5head from now oN as a means of nicknomenclature ] : talL & shiNy & w/ an odd extra mass toward the top — near the hairliNe ::: theN ::: moRe details here ::: i also noticed that he has the salt and pepper haiR — a white maN's afro of sorts — also veRy much styled in the mullet coiffure : this salt and pepper continues oN into the goatee and mustache : at this point i caN only assuMe he is in his mid to late 40s and is probably a sound engineer at a local recording studio [ producing jingles & other audio propogandas complete w/ sublingual messagings perhaps — no? ] — yes — he veRy much fits the 'type' if you know what i meaN ::: he has a muted but still painfully busy hawaiian shirt oN — khakis — boatshoes — he pretends to read the business sectioN of the Boston Globe ::: >>>

aNyhow ::: this is this & that is that ::: soMe tiMe goes by ::: i try to catch the 5head iN the act of monitoring my behavior — but w/o aNy luck whatsoever [ he is too too entirely tricky ] : i look over & he is stilL apparently flipping thru the business pages — alL casual-like : so much bullsh!t i telL oN you ::: >>>

he is toO good ::: i look over agaiN ::: it is not eveN like those moments when you are trying to catch theM iN the act [ these lurkers ] whereby you turN to look & you see the lurker quickly turNing their head & neck away froM you : not eveN like this : 5head has a penchant for his skills of observing : he is almost unhumaN in this regards ::: >>>

aNyhow : i go up to the coffeeshop register — purchase my caffe latte w/ a shot of raspberry syrup — grab the comics sectioN — & proceed to seat myself on the cozy secondhand velvet chair near the chemistry statioN : i read i flip i enjoy myself — but i also keep a lookout & monitor the stalker the 5head ::: >>>

no apparent offensive glances froM hiM ::: >>>

at a certaiN point i have to use the restrooM : coffee & other caffeine products tend to make the lower intestiNes shake & quake for me : i caN feeL the potential — grab my coffee beverage — & retire to the meN's rooM for a good 15 to 20 minutes ::: >>>

oNce i aM fully expurgated — i wipe i wash & begin to leave the restrooM & lo & behold — who do you think i find there oN the other side of the doorjamb — noNe other than the 5head — ready to enter & possibly inspect foR aNy remants i may have left behind : i cleaR my throat & push past the mulletmaN sayiNg a veRy lowkey 'excuse me sir' — & theN i aM off & oN my way back into the steady trafficstreaM of my morning commute to the officeplace ::: >>>

god bless the poor 5head for entering the restrooM following me — foR we alL should realize that i left no sinus traces behind — noNe besides the fetid funk of my bowel displacements ::: i caN only imagine afterward — following 5head's addition to my fiNe fragrancetrail — the combined aftermath of our restrooM experiences causing latter entrants complete nausea — or — perhaps eveN soMe sort of spontaneous implosioN of sorts of sorts ::: >>>


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