April 24, 2002 - 12:34 pm


ah ::: welL ::: before i run off to lunch i think i'lL play another fuN office desktop gaMe of 'click the fish' ::: enjoy ::: >>>

click the fish instructions :::
guess a # from 1-10 ::: click the fish ::: in maNy instances you wilL lose ::: much fun for the entire workplace — & also a friendly reminder of the way things seeM to go in general throughout corporate america :::

upcoming features :::
nonsensical score tracking feature that seems to have no correlation to the end-user to screeN guessing gaMe success or failure of the player ::: points wilL add or subtract independent of winning or losing each round of click the fish ::: telL youR friends ::: play the gaMe ::: click the fish :::

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April 23, 2002 - 9:36 am

the ghost world movie ::: >>>i just saw a rather amazing movie entitled 'ghost world' ::: nothing much happeNs at alL throughout the movie � there is not alot of hype action draMa & the like � the film centers around the lives of 2 young women ::: Enid and Rebecca have recently graduated [ or almost so ] from highschool in soMe nondisclosed suburban town � both characters seem completely bored w/ the typical archetypes of highschool life & realize that as much of an accomplishment as graduating from highschool may be � it is not really a big deaL ::: nothing is a big deal actually ::: 1 thing i appreciate is the wry sense of continual nihilistic mockery of the world in its entirety [ although i also comprehend completely Rebecca's departure from this dark deadend mentality that Enid continues to harbour throughout the story ] ::: >>>

'it seems like only stupid people have good relationships' � Enid states as she & the nomadic cast of misfit-like characters explore the vapid dechirico-esque midwestern township ::: everyoNe seems bored � although it is Enid's complete & utter all-consuming ennui that seems to rivet & veer the small misfit clique of Enid Rebecca & Josh off into a different world � a 'ghost world' i assuMe � whereby alL wander their own isolated experiences building relationships out of general misunderstanding & assumptioN ::: >>> Enid responds via phone to a personals ad & arranges to meet a rather dorky Seymore � 78 rpm record collector � so on & forth such ::: >>>

go visit the ghost world site - right now - ok? ::: >>>

the movie wanders about w/ much interest generated around seemingly inane non-events ::: the smallest nothing becomes a major event ::: you are riveted & remain intrigued throughout most of the movie � but for seemingly no reason whatsoever ::: >>>

the perfect film : available for rental or purchase on dvd or vhs : brilliant ::: i highly recommend ::: >>>

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April 22, 2002 - 8:09 am


what is strange is that i did not need to use a public restrooM alL weekend : a bit chillier now : back to the new england weather trickery now — just when you think its alL cool now — i can start to wear the shorts & such — bam — a bit of snow to wake you up ::: >>>

i apologize for not writing in a few days or so ::: i had a busy weekend ::: i went to this show in the middle east [ a club here in cambridge massachusetts ] — i guess these 2 bands were battling it out : jethro tull played songs from aqualung & then the strange fellow alice & songs from an album called billion dollar babies ::: it was this boston rock opera — i veRy much enjoyed the first half of the evening — the jethro tull portion — alL about the park bench & some faux-catholic consternatioNs & such : soMe asiaN catholic schoolgurL dancing around & practically getting it on w/ the guitarist : & then this John Surette aqualung character — a veritable jack black powerhouse vocalist jumping about & screeching to the audience his jibes & concerNs about this post-enron economical slump of sorts we've gotten ourselves into my friends [ at least this was my misunderstanding of the set ] ::: in any event ::: the aqualung band featured the phenomenal guitar stylings & vocals of none other than Chris Mascara ::: such stage presence — alL the niceties of rock 'n' rolL indeed — an incredible talent indeed — soMe duo ministrations w/ this schoolgurL — a naughty duo of sorts i would proceed that displayed the immense talents of the entire jethro-induced onstage ensemble ::: >>>


& then there were the alice cooper people ::: i didn't care for this 1 as much i have to say ::: so — enough about that & theM ::: >>>


another round of applause for Chris Mascara & the jethro tulL aqualungs crew ::: class, faith, mistrust, madness and lust ::: oh yes — & i almost forgot — rock 'n' frikken rolL ::: good rockin' good rockin' good rockin' yes yes — precisely ::: >>>



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