May 02, 2002 - 1:29 am

soMe of the mystery : perhaps explaiNed ::: >>>


welL ::: theRe must have beeN soMething veRy strange in the meatbalL sub that my abductors gave me ::: i believe i have been out like lights now for 5 hours straight — & my last recollectioN waS taking a big thirsty swig from the 2 litre bottle of diet coca cola ::: now i find myself puddled up on the floor — freeZiNg cold to death — w/ another liNe of sticky drool pasted to the left side of my face ::: this would be an embarassing if people could see me i think ::: >>>

aNyhow ::: i find myself achy in all the wroNg places if you know what i meaN ::: i have a creepy anaL itch & i feel a bit swollen iN theSe particular area ::: i also seeM to haVe soMe extreMe earache — if i scrape my fingernail aloNg the inside of the outer belL of my ear — i find a straNge flaking — an almost aural dandriff of sorts ::: a bizzarre ringing too — high pitch — suspicious ::: >>>

on the monitor is soMe sort of cycloNe screensaver ::: spiNNing wildy ::: almost haunting but not quite ::: >>>

how wilL i get out of this place? — what wilL becoMe of me? — this is really scaring me now, theSe abductors & the aches & pains i have since garnered ::: >>>

a quick flashback — to the exact moment of my abductioN ::: i seeM to recall 1 veRy smalL detail ::: 1 of the kidnappers — in the whirlwind blur before i was covered by the potatosack — yes, 1 of the kidnappers had blue lips, big blue lips ::: >>> perhaps swimming too sooN after dinner or in the cold or — no — he [ or she ] did not appear wet ::: yes ::: blue lips ::: >>>

i seeM to remember also from w/in a daze a transition from vehicle to building to this veRy rooM ::: yeS, now bits & pieces aRe filtering thru my clouded memory ::: a mickey mouse watch — or — is it mighty mouse? — oh, so frustrating — veRy frustrating ::: also, if i remember rightly — i seem to distinctly affiliate the abduction now w/ a strong scent of sizzling bacon — yes, bacon ::: & — although the poisoned meatbalL submarine sandwich seemed to satisfy — i now could go for a blt or soMe other meal of bacon & eggs or a turkey club w/ much bacon :::: mmMMmMMmmMmm ::: yeS — thiS would be good ::: >>>

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May 01, 2002 - 8:17 am

soMe of the mystery : perhaps explaiNed ::: >>>


the kidnappers finally did giVe me soMe sandwich to eat : i had falleN asleep at the computer monitor [ a nice flatscreeN number at that ] & when i awoke, apparently oNe of my captors had entered the rooM & placed a large meatbalL submariNe, small bag of cape cod potatochips & a large bottle of diet coca cola on the desk close to the mouse ::: >>> 2 litres of diet coke at that ::: perhaps they could read my mind as i waS extremely thirsty at this point [ & not only that — the meatball sub had extra melted parmesan cheese over the mouth of the sandwich — right to my liking ] ::: >>>

well ::: anyhow ::: not much has happened in the interim ::: i do not know if my kidnappers are calling around to make demands or whatnot to insure my safekeeping & livelihood ::: we shall see ::: >>>


i am very cognizant of anything that occurs near or around the door to the rooM ::: this &/or any sweep of the security camera device up in the corner of the rooM ::: >>>

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