March 02, 2004 - 6:47 am

a very wild night of neo-cabaret-style entertainment at PA's [ the old Portuguese American Club ] in Union Square Somerville : & i happily could contribute to the utter mayhem of the evening ::: >>>

regardless : the night moved about like strange cats on rollerblades cutting through molasses whilst eagerly trying to spring forward to the vernal micescutterings of the dank inner eveningwear : or so it seemed

all of course [ as can be seen in the photodocument displayed above ] capped off rather nicely w/ a set of the timeless musical stylings of Leah Callahan & her 'boys' ::: >>>

the amazing array of local acts included Michael Bloom — wildly famous for his contributions to Tim Mungenast & His Pre-existing Conditions : an amazing song entitled 'Man Behind the Curtain' summed up the whole W situation in general : then — a solo set by Commodore Vic : anything but written in BASIC i should let you know : guitars, singing & the truth according to CV yes i tell you : i hopped in after Vic for a quick set of stand up ( no comedy really, just stand up — some quick discourse on residual income — my seminar — operation enduring email — & my fantabulous intergalactick organic poetry ) : Nancy Lancy followed w/ a fantastic set of mellow chic indeed : keys, guitar & vox : nice indeed : the best one we think was a song called 'Tree' : mellowtone : hoo! ::: following up was What Time is it Mr. Fox : another terrific duo out there — fiddle, guitar and vox : i didn't know that they actually penned the tune Little Red Corvette — the things you learn : & then — of course — Leah Callahan knocking them all dead w/ her music : Marlena : engaging : provocative : out on this world as they say my friends ::: >>>

enough said i think for now : please do come to the next neo-cabaret 'Les Cabaret des Enfants Terribles' : i think you would enjoy ::: >>>

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March 01, 2004 - 7:28 am

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