May 08, 2003 - 8:27 am

::: [ ever feeL like you are being followed? ] :::

yesterday mourning at the workplace i got up to use the restrooM & when i returned to my desk i found a few things that were apparently left for me { click here } ::: oN my desk was a stapled packet of print-offs and a floppy disk [ a grey floppy disk with rather calligraphic handwriting oN theM — the grey of the disk seeMing like a time-displaced thang — no? : like from maybe 5 or 6 yeaRs ago ] : i opened the floppy disk before looking oN the packet & low & behold theRe were maNy strange files theRe — most of which i waS unable to open [ what sort of file format is a PM5? ] ::: a couple of the txt and doc files i could opeN — & theN wheN i looked oN the print-outs { horses and goats and pigs — oh my! } i noticed a direct correllation to the floppy disk files ::: how strange indeed ::: { what's that smell? } aNyhow ::: finding this things of course brought about maNy questioNs — much conjecturing swimming iN my mind ::: >>>


who left this floppy disks at my desk?

why are they following me?

{ you know you do }

is theRe the secret messages encrypted oN the files?

what is the PM5 file format & why can't i open them?

is this somehow related to the spaM i receive?

{ hot pussy cat bikini }

perhaps this is related in soMe ways to the
spaMMaiL tourette's i seeM to be recently plagued with?

where are they? what do they want from me?

is this somehow related to oee [ operation enduring email — ever since i started this non-profit intiative to rid the world of spaM — stranger & stranger thiNgs have begun to happeN ]

if i right-click on floppydisk files — caN i retrieve
vital informatioN leading to the wherabouts of Saddam Hussein?

if so — would this help or hurt the economy?

why can't we smoke iN Boston anymore?

aRe there eventual tax repercussioNs to a smoke-free New England?

where did huey lewis go?

{ your time has come — click heRe }

how do i sign up for the surfing safari?

where do the ducks go in the wintertime?

how can i make a theremin?

if Belmont is trying really hard to be Cambridge — no matter
how hard they try to do this — wilL they ever succeed?

what should i make Pete do next?

{ fight the irs and be the victor }

what's worse? spaMMaiL oR annoying javascript pop-up ads?

wheRe is the wMD?

won't you please give?



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May 06, 2003 - 9:14 am

::: [ you are being watched ] :::

welL — it waS bound to happeN aNyhow — no? : for so many many yeaRs we have coMe to take hiM for the granted & such — & now he's doNe goNe away ::: >>>

yeS — it is true — the old maN oN the mountaiN haS finally falleN ::: veRy veRy sad day for new hampshire & alL of the new england ::: not only did taxation without representation come to be a complete shaM — but the natural formation of rock & support-wire up neaR the echo lake & the canon mountain crumbled last weekend sometiMe ::: now when i see the harley's & hear the harley's going by — many mullets swaying in the wind in the fresh air — now when i see them i feel the sadness of a nation that was built upoN the concept of maN made of rock : man made of concrete & steeL : man made of nature : man made of granite : the individual : the rights of the individual preserved and somehow represented by the granite state herself : live free or die on every license plate w/ the face of the maN : i am not sure how to interpret the effects that gravity bestowed upoN the near-natural wondermeant we once new as the old maN oN the mountaiN ::: >>>

iN my mind i see slow-motion footage of the maNy bald-headed eagles that made their short rest there on the man's head before swooping dowN to make the sh!t oN the maNy visiting tourists looking thru those weird quarter telescope machiNes : iN my mind i see slow-motion footage of them maNy bald-headed men who hiked up along the spiNe of the little mountaiN to rest & eat their bologna sandwiches oN the forehead of the old maN : during the slow-motion footage i hear that Neil Young song — you know the oNe? — the old maN take a look at my life song? — yes that near-hillbilly crawly banjo & the gritty faux-falsetto those sideburns somehow coming thru the record-poppings thru the airwaves : i see people { in slow-motion of course } driving up — nearly bursting their bladders & running to use the public restroom facilities — theN — as an afterthought — looking up at the now vacant space that waS once the maN ::: i see the waterbugs { in slow-motion of course } moving around on top of the water { in slow-motion of course } — soMe special god-giveN clandestiNe magic behind their nature-driveN pontooN system ::: people are whistling while they hike { in slow-motion of course } ::: a beercan in the parkinglot ::: iN my mind i see dozens of children running around like maniacs { in slow-motion of course } — their little noses running around right after them { in slow-motion of course } — oNe little kid falling in that pond at the base of the now man-less mountaiN ::: i see stationwagons & minivans & rv's & motorcycles { in slow-motion of course — oNe laNe each way is not such a smart deal — eh? } ::: our big brother has falleN { we now have the space satellites to watch over us anyhow } ::: the maN haS goNe ::: >>>

i wish we were allowed to smoke in Boston ::: >>>


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