May 16, 2003 - 10:17 am

::: [ elevator music for the criminally insaNe ] :::

i caMe into the officeplace this morning to find a veritable disaster area around & about my desk area ::: it looked as though my cubicle had been ransacked — you know? ::: >>>

my transformers calendar seemed all dishevelled & fallen from its spot on the corkboard : someone else's high-level pro-active directives were scattered about on the floor surrounding my computer tower unit : maNy of my pencils waited on my countertop — most w/ the tips dulL or broken : & — perhaps worse of alL — my mouse was found overturned on the mousepad w/ the trapdoor along the bottomside taken out — the trackbalL a few inches off to the side ::: >>>

who would do such a things? ::: >>>


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May 14, 2003 - 4:01 pm

::: [ you make me feeL like a natural woman ] :::

meetings meetings meetings ::: soMedays the corporate environment is over-laideN w/ these gatherings of yip yip yap ::: alL this high-leveL banterings — oh how i love to hear myself talk — & so oN & forthsuch ::: i meaN soMetiMes it is a bit too much ::: >>>

but anyways


enough about me


how about you?

do you have all these meetings hassles & such? or can you just casually listen to billy joel on the headphones at your cubicle all the workaday?
( occasionally stopping the musicfest to pick up the ringing phone or something like this | occasionally getting up & away from the cubical to use the restrooM for restrooMlike activities or perhaps for soMe corporate meditation tiMe [ or even light reading perhaps ] )


lately i have been calling everyone 'killer' ::: >>>

it goes something like this :



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