May 05, 2002 - 5:47 pm

soMeday my friends ::: you shalL see ::: >>>

a pretty blandday i guess at work ::: in comparison to the last few weeks i guess everyday life caN be construed as bland ::: >>>

per office usua — i am veRy coffee thirsty : besides my typical workaday obligatioNs at the office — i now have a mystery to solve & i know not where to begin ::: >>>

i left work today out the back w/ momentary flashbacks to the potatosack & rubberband abductioN — my heart raceS — i know not what to think or do anymore — i get into my automobile & begin the commute hoMe ::: >>>

i did notice on my driving hoMe soMe fellow commuters casting strange stares my way ::: i fear that this is much larger than the 6 or 7 beings that may have been responsible for my kidnapping ::: theRe is an organized group of general citizeNs that know & support my eventual disappearance i am afraid ::: >>>

i see this 1 little old lady — driving along — seeming to be minding her business — but i knew better than this 1 — she apparently needed to get over in front of me right in my lane — but no way jorge — i swerve a bit into her lane & give her a cunning smile to my victories — & she gives me a menacing, all-knowing evil glance back to me ::: she must be part of this conspiracy ::: >>>


i know that they are after me ::: my heart begins to race even though it is this running away in fear that they so seek ::: i put up calm pancakes of pretense that i have no fear no scaredness of this situations ::: >>>

they wilL NOT get to me [ i do NOT allow it ] ::: >>>

i am a commuter of stoNe resonance : a constitution of the people : my courage in the face of commutation prevents any further knowledge of my supreme paranoia & feaR ::: >>>


a bit further along ::: >>>

a complete nancyman — driving along w/ the windows rolleddown & his talkshow radio blasting for alL the start & stop highway traffick world to hear ::: a reaL winner i can telL you that ::: welL ::: to show hiM he cannot control my commute hoMe i turN up the collegestation hiphop show to the fulL blast & rolL my windows down & crank my AC way up to high ::: he cannot feather my goat — no way ::: >>>

he turns to me like soMe sort of malevolent creepy junior highschool physics teacher — rolls his eyes around & rapidly cranks his windows up & closed ::: >>>



a few more incidents like this & i return hoMe safe & sound — not a scratch on my consonance ::: >>>

i put in the viseNe droplets & turn on the countrywesternradiostation to relax a bit before showering before bed for the nite ::: i am truly exhausted from my uneventfuL day ::: >>>

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May 05, 2002 - 7:50 am

did you get my email?


welL ::: so now ::: thiS is good things that i am away froM my abductors & alL — no longer plagued by an internet connection that changes at the whiM & whiMsy of my kidnappers my captors ::: no longer waiting for food & various mysterious surgeries ::: now i am left w/ scars & my normal workaday existence here at the office ::: >>>

nothing is quite like the trip to the upstairs bathrooM — no more waiting around for sleep emissioNs [ as i would awake from deep sleeps somehow relieved of any urinary crampings attiMes ] ::: a spacious handicap stalL awaits for me upstairs heRe w/ a pleasant warmth ::: >>>

otherwise ::: it is truly back to the grind — the boredom — the monotony — the waiting for the end of the day — it looks so nice outside ::: >>>

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