May 22, 2003 - 5:26 am

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well well welL ::: dont'chya know? ::: little old sinus brady's hosting gig for the amazing 'Scara's Nite Out' Avant Variety Series at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge Massachusetts came to an end last night — Wednesday — May 21 2003 ::: and ::: what an all-together spectacular evening it was all-around & on veRy high levels at that — a phenomenal line-up oNce agaiN — each & eveRy act bringing overbrimming talent to the stage to send off Scaramouche quite nicely as he goes up to the mountaiN [ so to speak ] to record the next Mascara album in the recording studios down on the south shores of Massachusetts ::: >>>

woah - this is like so totally cool::::::::::::: yes — this is correct y'alL :::::::: our little decathalon of Avant Variety — as put together by Chris & Deb Mascara — has closed the dooR for the next interim : my good friend Chris Mascara [ pictured to the right ] of the band Mascara had the wonderous idea to create and produce the series — and — it was a gigantic success for the maNy maNy maNy talents that brought their diviNe energies to the Lizard Lounge ::: last night — at the exit & grand finale — the bill included : Paul Santangelo & the Melting Poetry Collective : John Surrette and the Deniros [ alt rock legend ] : Al Jawary Al Hessan [ avant bellydansing troupe extraordinaire ] : Sukey Tawdry [ modern cabaret band ] : Chandler Travis Philharmonic [ 21st century rock surrealist ] : & — of course — the astounding avant power trio with schooldesk — Mascara : the stage was swimming w/ phrenetic avant performances that surely send the series' namesake off to the studio w/ much to celebrate on maNy levels — w/ maNy maNy good vibes indeed ::: >>>

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i extend much appreciatioN to the audieNces that attended Scara's Night Out making it the successfuL series that it waS ::: we always seemed to be blessed w/ sizeable audiences that were veRy receptive to the Avant Variety Showcase concept of bringing together alL genres to perform & share & celebrate ::: thank you alL ::: we hope you enjoyed the entire series ::: >>>

{ ps : watch out for the new Mascara materiaL — due for release iN the neaR neaR futuRe }


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