June 03, 2003 - 8:23 am

::: [ i'm proud to be a canadiaN ] :::

this is a message i left for another diaryland member that had some good thoughts concerning how we should contribute to the causes of the democracy and liberty and injustice ::: >>>

message begins

you have an excellent point in your 'palms' passage : it is disgusting to think that all americans are encouraged to do to assist in our crises is to spend — consume — travel — go about 'your business' as usual : craziness : i think we know the real deal though ::: >>>

we must all go underground : the revolution will be a silent one : it may not be televised — but i am sure it will be documented nicely on the web : everyone must go underground — remove monies from your various accounts — decrease spending — become extremely thrifty so as to rid our need of various large corporations that do not a darn thing for the people of the nation or of the world — & then — when the economy is even weaker — re-invent how this all should work — it should really be a government of the people for the people by the people — not this governments of the person by the person for the person — no more consumeristic dictatorship — no more big brother ::: we can do this ::: it is tiMe to go underground ::: >>>

::: [ sb ] ::: >>>

message ends


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June 02, 2003 - 5:53 am

::: [ what the helL is going oN heRe? ] :::

funky dollaR bilL ::: >>>

lots of the straNge thiNgs going oN oN the office lately ::: & i do not know what to make of it [ although i have the inkling of a suspicioN of aN idea { made possible by a grant froM the fjord foundatioN — if you catch my draft } ] ::: alot of meetings of the upper management & such ::: dooRs opening doors closing ::: not lots of corporate communicatioN or directioN out to the people that aRe keepiNg this puppy regular & functioNing ::: i don't want to assuMe the worse — oR eveN the worst at that — but most office folk aRe not completely w/o a clue wheN it coMes to this corporate atmospheRe ::: >>>

what do you think is goiNg oN heRe? ::: >>>

but aNyhow ::: if this weRe the donkeykong oR something like this ::: i would guess that this is the point where certaiN little marios weRe almost theRe — they almost rescued their damseL iN distress — & theN the ape grabs heR up & climbs further up into the neverending constructioN zoNe to theNce present new corporate challenges to our little worker ::: >>>

& furthermoRe { click heRe } i have no more to say oN this subjects oR aNy otheR subjects for the remaindeR of the entiRe day ::: >>>


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May 29, 2003 - 5:52 am

::: [ i want you to visit CT ] :::

i like the eggs ::: i like the cheap trick ::: >>>

yes yes yes ::: finally ::: a sunny day ::: after almost an entire month of the raiN ::: { we need the rain people wilL say we really need this they always say & especially so when the rain goes on & on & on raiNing raiNing raiNing day in day out night in night out we need the raiN } ::: >>>

welL ::: aNyhow ::: >>>

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driviNg into work this morning oN my sunny new england commute ::: i listened to my authorized greatest hits of the cheap trick ::: there is nothing like driving south on 128 w/ the suN on the back of youR shoulders listening to the intro crash chords to surrendeR ::: i feeL as if the world has skipped over the springtiMe entirely to land smack dap oN the middle of the trashiest hamptonbeach summertiMe suN-driveN happiness ::: [ i especially love the way the mommy warNs hiM he wilL catch soMething — & she does not speak of the fish : if you know what i meaN ] ::: >>>


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