May 30, 2002 - 3:21 pm

a funny thing happened to me oN the way to my coffeebreak today


on the way to my second coffee break today — & on journies to my automobile — i noticed a rather suspicious-looking man in a brownsuit — out in the parkinglot out by the dumpsters out back behind the building [ where the smokerpeople usually stand & hang out to do office chitchats ] ::: >>>

he had a combover hairstyles & a beaten-up briefcase — completely dishevelled appearances at this — & he seemed rather startled to see me as i approached him — he was walking toward the officebuilding & quickly darted eyes toward the watch on his free wrist ::: as i passed i gave him a cold hard stare & i noticed his eyes were a bit too close together & his left eye seemed a bit farther off to the outside edge than it should be ::: upon quick & closer investigation [ split second at that ] i also noted that there was a brownish bloodspot in the crux of his right eyewhite — completely healed at this point w/ sharp clean edgework & so at this point a definite scar of sorts [ or at least this is my assessment of the bloodspot ] ::: >>>

a bird chirped wildly & the boughs of nearby trees swayed a bit in the breeze — a rather muggy day w/ a hot heavy wind — refreshingly unbearable ::: >>>

we passed eachother w/o words — he paused at the doorjamb & adjusted his earthtone tie a bit & shook his left foot a bit to loosen his pantleg around his ankle a bit ::: he put his briefcase down & wiped his right hand off on his front right pants pocket & then wiped his forehead w/ the back of his right hand — picked up his briefcase — & opened the door & entered the officebuilding ::: >>>

i got in my car & went to get some coffee — soon to return to the office for a typical afternoon of corporate stale america ::: >>>

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May 30, 2002 - 7:55 am

did you get my email?


the other day when i awoke i noticed the thunderstorms — muffled distant thunders — some remnants from the storms of the previous nite ::: >>>

however — i could not help to feel the worry & dread ::: the thunders were a bit too perfect in their timing & alL of the saMe proportions in volume ::: i could not help to think on myself that perhaps the city of boston were under attack — sky-based bombings of the coastal city — a truly horrendous thought ::: i could have flipped on to the news on television or perhaps booted up my workstation — but instead — i dressed & gathered my things & headed off to my morning commute to work ::: >>>

eerie feeling — not knowing if the things that existed yesterday will be there today or tomorrow — to feel that the simple details of a thunderstorm could perhaps be some sort of attack — some good old-fashioned manmade desctruction in progress ::: progress ::: >>>


i listened a bit to the radio on the drive into work & reception was far to typical for anything more than thunderstorms ::: i arrive at work & my workaday existence ::: >>>

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May 07, 2002 - 8:23 pm

did you get my email?


a cause for concerN? ::: i am really not sure ::: >>>

today — when leaving my officebuilding & getting into my automobile for my longcommute home — i noticed in the car parked next to mine & upon the passengers seat many military & gun-oriented periodicals ::: although i didn't really stop to investigate too too closely — the magazine on top was muchlike the infamous 'guns & ammo' variety ::: the car itself was one of those modurn-coloured numbers — a somehow burnt yet muted orangey colour to be almost precise [ a paintchip scratched from the automotive vehicle would — of course — be a bit more precise ] ::: >>>

this observation leaves me to wonder a bit — who reads this things in the workplace parkinglot? : is this pleasure reading? : is something strange about to happen at the office? i am hoping alL is calm & welL in officeland & that perhaps this is light recreational reading not accompanied by quick thumbthroughs of 'catcher in the rye' ::: >>>

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