May 08, 2002 - 10:01 pm

a visit to mar von janko - or no?


after a long butterdrawn workaday wednesday [ the afternoons they do so drag along my friends ] ::: i decided that perhaps i should consult my vaRy good friend mar von janko concerning my recent abductions ::: since i stopped any form of psychotherapies long ago [ perhaps 10 or 11 years ago — following my state of curedness ] — i have not really had any longterm continued conversations as such w/ anyone but mar — & so — following this near-traumatic event — i thought it only logical to engage discourse w/ him ::: >>>

i stopped by par random at his little abode ::: the sun was still up & out when i knocked on his door [ his buzzer is brokeN ] ::: >>>

mar was wearing a rather tight black t-shirt w/ red trim — smoking — invited me in for some coffee w/ a pat on the back & a big sh!t-eating grin ::: >>>


inside — janko has many candles lit & things smell slightly of spunk & baking ::: there is much natural sunlight in his place ::: he is really quite cheery in general & is always willing to lend an open ear to my paranoia & predicament ::: he pours me a coffee w/ his back to me & turns head & neck slightly to engage eyes as i begin to tell him of my recent abduction & the events surrounding my period of disappearance | reappearance ::: >>>

he listens intently ::: nods occasional ::: & then — as if not hearing me at all — begins to conjecture that i have either made all of this up or dreamt this entirely ::: perhaps i am delusional ::: he recommends i see a ladyfriend of his who is not a full out psychiatrist — but practices as a phsychological counsellor [ & is also into much new age remedy & healing i surmise by the 'third eye' on the business card ] ::: we talk a bit & much of our remaining conversation dwells in the land of theory & conjecture — lots of 'what ifs' & 'perhapses' ::: >>>


i stay for dinner & into the night a bit ::: we watch a bit of porno on some cable station he has ::: i leave w/ my mind & loins spinning in all directions ::: >>>

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