May 08, 2002 - 2:28 am

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after my return to society & soMe uneventful officenesses ::: i had come to realize that the 3 missing fingers — the fingers i had found in my wastepaperbasket at work — the 3 fingers are missing from my refridgerator ::: >>>

read the missing fingers story originsthe missing fingers are missing agaiN ::: i have no doubt in my mind that the people who kidnapped me must have broken in to my apartment — carefully looked around in a veRy polite & clean way — & then stole the container w/ the missing fingers ::: what do i do? ::: i cannot call the police ::: they will not understand my dilemma ::: & i cannot contact HR at work as well as i did not report the fingers missing in the first place ::: >>>


upon more careful scrutiny of the theft criMesceNe — i did notice a peculiar flourescent greeN & dried liquid residue — now just a sticky goo puddle on the fridge rack ::: no apparent smells from it ::: & i am unsuccessful in trying to clean this away from the previous storage spot for the tupperware fingerprisoN ::: >>>

i think there is something at once fishy & cosmological in all of this ::: >>>

i am having trouble sleeping now ::: i need to have a doctor look at this strange scar ::: >>>


no no ::: don't click on this image ::: no ::: >>>

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