June 19, 2002 - 11:49 pm

a website review for you today my friend

pleaSe join hans ulrich orbist at the e-flux do it site to participate in the instructions & realizations ::: make soMe art online or not & just do it now ::: i dare to you ::: >>>

go to this site & make soMe art my friends ::: >>>

fluxus ::: situationism ::: ready-made art ::: do what they say what they tell you to do ::: just do it ::: read the wonderfuL online articles concerning art of theN & now & the fetish object versus art as service industry commodity ::: so much to think about ::: but more important to you — just do it ::: >>>


::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: soMe afternoteS ::: >>>

museums | galleries | the world of art | concept | object | prison | steakhouse | performanse | chapel | subway system | dialectical tribune | steakknives | foreign diplomacy | & more

i also & do so agree [ from my database administratioN hightower of knowledge & learned wisdom ] that art must becoMe soMething moRe ::: theRe needs to be no boundingbox for how or where the act of art occurs ::: a museum muchlike the grave — a final resting place — a collection facility for those works of art that have goNe to a betteR place & for now exist only as self-mockery & a tribute to what the piece once was ::: >>>

art must take to the streets my friends : art & poetry & creativity & lively conversatioNs at that ::: warm smiles must break out alL oveR & cruel eyes must melt in disdaiN ::: a renewal of lively living art — a sort of artist exhibitionisM — must break out in epidemic forM ::: a sort of resurgence of the surreal whereby each artist alive & living begins performing their art out in the streets on the public buses on the mbta in corporate officeparks in malls & churches & nairobian villas — in alleys on youR daily commute at alcoholic anonymous meetings & daycare centers ::: each performance perhaps suited &/or site-specific to those very places we hold dear to &/or despise ::: >>> performance art shakedowN ::: >>> false tours of the new england aquarium — mock full-fledged seminars held in luxury hotels complete w/ cookies coffee juice & powerpoint or multimedia projections — near-insane streetside soapbox banterings concerning the end & demise of consumerism & the rise of the mutual kindly actioN & cocktail olives — open-microphone poetry readings at local coffeeshops complete w/ full scuba attire & astral projected fearsoMe mindfights live & before a studio audience — randoM laughtrack mechanisms placed in unsuspecting public places & set to self-trigger & release at the most inappropriate or appropriate randoMmoments indeed — fulllength parades marched thru the halls of elderly homes & hospitals up & dowN stairs & through hallways w/ fulL junior highschool marching bands brashly belting out the symphonic brass fanfare openings of eye of the tiger — false & unnecessary visits to the dmv or picketliNes outside of jury duty court buildings complete w/ free toothpick souvenirs ::: art must take to the streets my friends ::: the streets & gutter indeed ::: >>>


when you least expect it — expect it

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June 13, 2002 - 9:49 am

a fuNNy thiNg happeNed oN the way to the office ::: >>>

stranger thiNgs have happeNed — i am suRe of it ::: >>>

i go to the restrooM like i normally do ::: i enter & detect that i am unencumbered by the company of any other officeworkers ::: i choose — the luxury of the handicap stalL ::: >>>

i sit & get alL comfortable-like ::: you know? ::: a sigh a push a little adjusting of the asscheek upoN toiletseat ::: >>>

& theN — when i have reached a rather relaxed state at that — i look dowN only to detect a random & sparse gathering of sweet ants ::: you know? — the little black oNes ::: >>>


they are mesmerizing

they move along upon their little legs — stop & turn a bit — move along summore — stop & turn a bit — move along summore — stop & turn a bit — move along summore — move along a bit futher ::: >>>

each in their own haphazard directions along the bump of the tiles along the dirt in the tilegrout ::: >>>

such strange little creatures ::: i could crush them ::: >>>


i hear someone enter the men's rooM


it sounds like they are wearing highheels


they talk to each other a bit & then prepare to 'rest'


i hear the unzip of pants — the clearing of throats — a phlegmatic pronouncement of the professional businessman & then a huck spitting into the urinal i suppose [ or so it sounds from inside the handicap kingdom ] ::: the pissing release ::: another clearing of throat ::: a midpiss flush & more urine streaming against the porcelain wall opening ::: i detect a bit of a fart from each highheeled executive


the sweetants continue their search for absolutely nothing ::: roaming about ::: the stop & turn a bit w/ move along summore deal as afforementioned — they are not even disturbed by what must sound like thunderstorms & flushings of niagra falls ::: corporatecold whitetiles & restroom falterings ::: >>>

never a bridesmaid always the bride i say ::: >>>

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