July 06, 2004 - 6:03 am

lately i feeL veRy responsible indeed for the misgivings of the implant to Mar Von Janko's right eye socket — he's been getting in lots of the little fender bender's lately — & not for the reasonings that most people might think — for instance — 'that eyebalL implant is blocking Janko's ability to see clearly' — 'he now has less thaN the 20/20 hindsight' — & ideas such as these — no no, now it is quite for different reasons that he has beeN crashing up that car of his ::: >>>

::::: it's more like — see — previous to the !i!3CT addendum to his visuaL abilities — Mar Von Janko could only fleetingly see life as a lurker — as the observer ::: in order to capture a moment — in black & white, in colour, large format or in 35mm, 110 or APS — in order to capture a moment Mar was exceedingly dependent upoN using a device — the camera ::: but behold my friends — he needs the camera no longer as it has now been permanently afixed within the right eyesocket of his skulL ::: >>>

::::::::::: 'how does this then becoMe the reasoning behind the sudden influx of carcrashing activities?' you might ask :::::::: >>>

welL ::: it's simple really ::: think on it this way ::: if you were suddenly given the ability to capture every moment — when you wish as you wish — & you were theN released into the world to live your life as a normal everyday average citizen ::: wouldn't you to soMe degree perhaps — at least at first — indulge a bit too much? ::: for instance — Mar Von Janko told me of a recent escapade ::: >>>

I was driving down the street SiNuS & it was a clear clear day — clear as a bell really it was — & I am in the greater Allston Brighton area of Massachusetts — I think you know the area — with all the rock clubs & restaurants & I think the timeless staple of Allstonian lifestyles itself — Blanchard Liquor store — right? — well anyhow, as I am driving I noticed about 3 women scantily clad & apparently going out for the evening to have a fine time dancing — probably getting an early start of it as it was still daylight out { & we all know how the fun stops around these parts at an ungodly early hour }

welL — with my newfound ability to capture still & moving imagery { as well as sound } with this implantation device you crafted — I began clicking away to get every curve & sway of hip & skirt I could possibly capture on I3 digital chip

I must've went around the block 13 times — clicking away at this gaggle of women out on the prowl — I now realize how much attention it takes to pay attention to the road as they say in stateside driving schools — I always thought it was a clever little motto 'Pay Attention, Keep Your Eyes on the Road' — but I guess I didn't realize the validity of it until I had hit the curb approximately 4 times, knicked a biker { I only really bruised his left calf & ankle } & scratched up an old parked Pontiac

In the end — I am hoping to improve my ability to multitask while driving — there are just too many interesting subjects in the world to stop shooting — I know that most of the recent imagery I have shown you is ablur really — but its still the beginning stage of this marvellous new technological advance you have put together — taking your spare moments at night to bring the lyrical to life — the daily bread


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July 02, 2004 - 12:24 pm

sometiMes you have to stop & wonder ::: what's the bigfoot think about alL of this? ::: i meaN ::: heRe you have the sasquatch — the big furry woodland monster — roaMing the states & the greater canadian regions of North America ::: the bigfoot must see things in the paper or hear it on the news — alL the things that are going on & along in the world ::: he just slowly paces through the wilderness — coming into some areas of greater human residency to perhaps steal some food or watch the goings on of the neighborhood — so he must eventually hear something here & there — no? ::: >>>

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: & what does he think?

i mean ::: does he say to himself 'damn fool humans!' or something? it's got to be annoying to the sasquatch — alL the war & evil in the world — the purple nurple incident on the superbowl — no? ::: >>>

::::::::::::::::::::::: i just wonder sometimes :::::::::: >>>


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June 29, 2004 - 6:53 am

the more the merrier they say & so it must be so — aM i right? aM i wrong? caN i say that iN a song? alL i know is that i felL asleep last nite while wearing the crest whitestrips — i now have a splitting headache — but my teeth are so fr!kken white i can't stand it — you know? ::: >>>

welL welL welL ::: now there is the clintonian memoir 'My Life' out there oN the grocer's freezer & i want to read a bit more about hiM right from the horse's mouth ::: i personally can't wait until 'His Life' comes out — the auto-biographical account of a certain dry-cleaning expert [ or lack thereof ] — ms lovely lewinski herself — also sort of straight from the horse's mouth for her little novel of intrigue & sex from the whitehouse steps ::: >>>

but honestly

in retrospect now — isn't Monica's name a bit of a punchline now? ::: i mean — do you know what i am say? ::: seriously ::: it's almost like a verb or something — no no not a verb i take that back — more like one of those things like :

why'd you have to go & pull another lewinsky? : now wipe up! ::: >>>

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: you know? ::: >>>

or —more punchline-like would be something like :

& then they found the duck out by the lewinski! ::: >>>

oh — those were the days — eh? ::: nice economy ::: a well-spoken president ::: the most controversial item on the news was the fellating of the president ::: the stormclouds hang heavy now don't they — a new administration — 4 years nearly complete — lots of unfinished business — there's no business like show business — a horrible economy — oil-driven war-like international & capitalistic actions throughout the world — not to mention the pretzel incident — i haven't even seen the Michael Moore movie yet — the canadian spin on the greatest show on earth ::: a sucker born every minute — just a minute — 5 minute rice — 60 minutes — well-spoken wide lace high heeled low brow falsetto tone microphone fee & fine hee high crime — those were the days ::: >>>

but enough about politics ::: don't forget the Catwoman ::: >>>


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June 28, 2004 - 10:13 am

ok now ::: one thing that really like weirded me out today was that middrive to the officeplace i looked down on my brilliant blue officeplace dressshirt & i noticed a fly just sitting down by button number 3 looking up at me ::: how strange is this? — eh? — he didn't move or anything upon detection & i had to think quick & use my right hand to swipe it out into the automobile driving chamber — away from my chest [ but now mysteriously disappearing as i did not see him buzzing around at alL after my furious liberation of the little insect from my shirt ] ::: where the little guy went i do not know — it was not one of those pretty flies either — you know? — those like fruit flies that have a sort of nailpolish coat of vibrant colour behind & underneath the wings — this was a jetblack fuzzy fly — very sci-fi — veRy intimidating | threatening to the officeday commuter upoN this Monday mourning ::: >>>


<<< ::: yes yes ::: it is true ::: the weekend is dead & gone ::: >>>


& now — i noticed a new office worker iN the space out by the kitchen water bubbler making her tea ::: always nice to know that the dot bomb i work for is doing welL enough to hire another assistant for the executive management teaM [ someone really helpful i am certain yes of this i am sure — right? ] — at first i see the cascading hair & pose to milk the water cooler machine of the crisp clean liquid apparently imported from Poland — complete & professional office garb — slight band-aid upoN the left forearM [ shortsleeve blouse to her elloquent ensemble today ] she turns to say 'hi' & then i aM confronted w/ something that disturbs me ::: i hope you do not think i judge the living & the dead by appearance only — i know i myself aM no nice looker — you know? — but the woman has a fairly noticeable mustache — just a bit of an office shocker to me — for as much as i am a child of the 60s & 70s — i still expect a certain level of modurn decorum & attempt to stay 'up-to-date' if you wilL as you wilL as we must alL attempt if at alL plausible ::: >>>

'Hello there, you must be new to the office. My name is SiNuS,' i say to her. 'I am part of the IT department here. Welcome aboard.'

she only says back to me, 'Hello'
and wanders off out of the kitchen
w/ her sparkling fresh spring water
in the eRoom mug that i just recently
cleaned & placed back in the cabinet
::: i really wanted to use the eRoom
mug again as it was a sort of trans-
parent purple plastic w/ interesting
orange-red & white print overs :::
oh well ::: what can you do — eh?

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June 21, 2004 - 1:11 pm

i got back from my lunchbreak early this afternoon & noticed that a tiny grasshopper clung to my black turtleneck ::: the little baby crawled around amongst the black fabric once i sat down on my cube & began my typical & routine afterluncheon check of the emails ::: >>>

little grasshopper popped himself off of my turtleneck onto the grey & white spot-patterned fabrics of my cube walls & climbed up & down in an innocent exploration of my cubespace : a welcome little visitor & such : i took this little things as the sign from god a sign from the cosmos [ or perhaps even a sign from the greys ] that 'hey, you know? everything is gonna be alright' ::: >>>

later on i noticed that the little baby grasshopper must have found his way away [ & hopefully back into nature ] as he was now missing from the immediate vicinities [ i didn't have time to check on the printer rooms or the server room or elsewhere within the officeplace ] ::: >>>

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June 16, 2004 - 12:26 am

the bigger they are the harder they come as they say in the wide wide world on the internet — no? ::: i think you know what i mean here anyhow my good friends and netizens out there ::: here are the thoughts for you to think on ::: >>>

pretend for a minute that you are a rock or pebble — right — & the little boy with the bandaids on his knees & a bit of mucus peaking out of the leftside nostril picks you up & skips you across the brook : now — if you are like me & believe that the rock has a soul — then you think that once the pebble sinks beneath the perky surface of the brook — then you are not really just smoothing beneath the cool crisp new hampshire gurgling stream — no? — but instead you go on — into another space — & become perhaps a pinecone instead ::: >>>

: but this is beside the point :

i guess what i am getting at is — you would probably hear the stream as the little bandaid kid's semi-slimy fingers let go & spin you into the colorless air below the bright blue sunshiny sky — right? : you would hear the world spinning all around you : the birds chirping in spiral skinny surround sound : crickets complaining amongst the blades of grass : picnicking assholes nearby cracking open a bud light on a fresh hot patch of dirt near the stream : dogs barking & eventually finding a spot to urinate near the picnic : voluptuous & nubile women giggling & splashing in a nearby inlet of the brook [ also finding a spot in the ice-cold brook to urinate ] : cars & motorcycles & hikers & bikers & cross-country runners all going by seemingly unnoticed by the general human population but spied upon by you you observant little rock you ::: just spinning through the air until kerplunk you splash into & drop to the bottom of the happy stream ::: >>>


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June 15, 2004 - 7:50 pm

the more we progress the more we digress the further along the exoskelatal neo-plutonial craters we seem to balance on around the outerrim & on the edge & perhaps about the falL iN ::: >>>

i noticed a officewoman in pink blouse on the commute homeward today with pinkyfinger delicately edging in & out of her left nostril : not a very pleasant sight to behold — even with the delicacy of this delicacy digging action : i could only imagine the soothing sounds of the brandenburg concerto playing on the stereo as she sauntered home to her wedded destination — her husband so utterly delighted to see her pulling up into the driveway — he all smiles with the foreknowledge of the freshly cleaned sinus cavities : little snails of love — yes she did it all for love ::: >>>


& i speedily commuting along w/ elbows on the steering wheel — forefingers positioned onto whitestripped pasted gums & upperteeth ::: smiles everyone smiles ::: >>>

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