June 16, 2003 - 1:30 pm

::: [ you are being watched ] :::

it appears yes so it seeMs that oNce agaiN the 5head is following me ::: oN my taiL oN my traiL just 2 steps behind me eveRy step of the way ::: & i no longer know what to do ::: >>>

::: [ 5head strikes agaiN ] :::

it is a matter of taste : of likes & dislikes : a particular strike of fancy & the like & it is a matter of opinioN as to what oNe should do wheN being followed wheN being stalked wheN being watched & monitored ::: [ i am not sure if this things happeN to aNyoNe else out there ::: pleaSe let me know ::: i tend to blaMe these watchiNgs froM the lurkers upoN a certaiN avuncular & patriotic friend of miNe — & perhaps you know hiM welL by now perhaps you know hiM welL ] ::: the 5head ::: what caN oNe say really ::: this tiMe weariNg soMe sunglasses ::: it is a nice day outside — yeS indeed it is — & so theRe is nothing unusual really about his hiddeN gaze his covert stares to me as he enters the café oN the lunchbreak immediately following my stop iN ::: i approach the counter in queue w/ the rest — & just 2 people behind me is the 5head — the salt and pepper haiR with slight oh so slight hints of recessioN froM the mass of extra fore head about & abound ::: he cleverly averts my quick turN attempt to catch hiM looking — looking sullenly dowN at the headliNes on the remaining stack of leftover mourning newpapers oN their little greeN table ::: his craZy hawaiiaN shirt — sheeN & smooth & filled up w/ little tiki mask meN — little tropicaL spies for the man ::: >>>

the 5head
i wilL figure out this mysteries ::: i promiSe you this things ::: >>>

who aRe you? ::: why do you following me? ::: what do you want? ::: what have i what have i what have i doNe to deserve this? ::: >>>

aNyhow ::: my theories aRe like this my friends ::: >>>
5head knows about the fingers ::: the fingers were a plant ::: people on the government aRe out to get me ::: they mistakeNly think that i work for adobe — or — that i am part of AQ — or that i aM up to no good { they assuMe i aM soMe sort of leftover communistic eviL scapegoat to pour alL the good thiNgs goNe wroNg upoN — you know? ::: this thiNg happeNed because of SiNuS ::: that thiNgs happeNed because of SiNuS ::: bah bah bah bah bah [ as they say oN the officeplace ] — they need the out — you know? ::: a persoN to blaMe oN for this economies ::: the NEW economy [ the bad econoMy ] ::: they need to point the finger oN soMeoNe welL before attempting to take a quick look oN the mirrors — you see? } ::: but aNyhow ::: what they plaN oN to do w/ me oNce they capture me [ probably w/ illegal meaNs ] cannot be completely foretold ::: but at least i caN pinpoiNt miNe eneMy — you see? ::: at least i know that it is the 5head that follows me ::: & at least i know i could spot hiM nearly 3 miles away w/ the cromagnaL contusioNs of upper headneSs to curse his facely physique ::: >>>

[ aNyhow — i purchased my coffee & quickly ducked around the corner from the café & waited for 5head's departure from my little midday coffee haven ::: SiNuS escapes agaiN — for at least another day ]


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