November 03, 2009 - 9:39 pm

i have beeN feeliNg bit of strange lately, no? ::: sort of like what we see heRe from memories of Tyra ::: aloNe ::: sitting in restroOMs ::: sucking on the thumbs aloNe iN the King's Chamber ::: meditating ::: eating a twinky perhaps, sucking out the delicious sugary white filling [ oh, it is SO sweet & delectable, no? ] ::: >>>

there is a bit of insecurity to me as of late ::: this may be the post summer stress disorder ::: for this i aM certaiN there is a psychopharmaceutical answer ::: either medicatioN oR perhaps eveN soMe special lights to purchase froM canada & bring hoMe & use to lighten spirits [ pun, in this case, intended ] ::: >>>

at cafeteria today i was looking for a good spot to sit oN, no? ::: ultrCrowded today ::: everyoNe seeMs to bring their leftoveR halloween candies too ::: alL the laughter & bustliNg of the lunchtiMe ::: such joy iN this daily break froM the productive ::: of course, we alL know they aRe watching us while we eat ::: they want to know what we eat, who we site with, what we talk about ::: is this work-related discussioN? do we say too much? do we not talk enough about our work? do we sit & discuSs things w/ people froM other offices oN the building? do we eat in the official cafeteria iN building? or do we go off soMewhere else for lunch? do we eat w/ people froM our family? or w/ a friend froM not on the office? maybe someoNe unemployed? or underemployed? do we talk about televisioN? Linkedface? or soMe other social web experience that they have not yet thought up yet ::: maybe we have good user feedback to give & only talk about it oN lunchtiMe ::: do we eat fattening foods or aRe we dieting? do we like Atkins diet? is there bacon? if no bacon, they why no? or worse yet, if there is the turkey bacoN ::: this is faR froM American ::: is it lean the meat we eat theRe? or perhaps we eat too many carbs? do you read a book? what book? how many pages? what's stuck iN youR teeth? do you brush after each meal oN the workPlace? maybe you aRe conducting a lunch interview ::: what is deal? do you take exactly an hour, under the hour or soMewhere over an hour for your lunch? what aRe the overalL ramificatioNs to the larger picture of capitalism & the economy? every second counts ::: tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick ::: >>>

my latest thought oN democracy now ::: a letter i must write oN Obama administratioN for the White House & executive chef Cristeta Comeford wilL propose the following theory which i think makes the most sense for alL of this 'no taxation without representation' false rhetoric we seeM to hear alL to ofteN ::: as we alL know the hard, cold truth by now, & as disgusting as it seeMs, i think we alL know that a government 'for the people, by the people' went out welL before Windows 97 ::: we have been under corporate paradigM & working w/ far leSs thaN a philosophical & political systeM & moRe & moRe w/ an fiscillogicaL economic systeM & beeN running oN the autoPilot like a natioN of money-driven animals for decade upoN decade if not perhaps eveN theN foR centuries theN ::: so instead of democracy we have soMething moRe like a capitalistic consumerism ::: oNe that is run by payola ::; company coMes to 'the forum' up oN capital hilL w/ little bags of money & passes oN a little message for how he or she wants soMe things to go & theN, depending oN the investments or 'little bets' these companies influence iN highly illegal ways how our decisioNs aRe made ::: & this is wrong ::: >>>

but we have beeN living w/ this wrong oR that wrong foR SO long that we do not remember the origins ::: & even those origins, let us admits, were built by derranged lunatics & hypnocrits that spouted off oN the concepts of freedoM & democracy for the powerful ::: so maybe we're not alL that faR off theN after alL heh heh ::: >>>

my proposal ::: siNce governments seeM to like ouR maSs hypnosis w/ televisioN & internets & other industries of mind-numbiNg entertainment ::: & furtherMost siNce maNy legacy administratiONs have promoted fast food, bad eating, sitting oN ouR aSs & beiNg dutifully complacent & accepting like droNes ::: i suggest that froM heRe oN in, the influence of each citizeN wilL be determiNed by his or her weight ::: alL voters, prior to votiNg oN electronic ballot, wilL step up oN the scale & see how their little clicks & clacks wilL be weighted ::: so theN theRe wilL be advantage to both the fat & the big & muscular ::: or, perhaps to truly help build a betteR & smarter futuRe administrative tactics we should reverse weigh out votes dependiNg oN IQ points? ::: this might be better & make me feeL much betteR knowing that the mediocre majority are not beiNg key determinants foR the futuRe of a natioN ::: this has distress oN me foR maNy yeaRs now ::: >>>

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August 28, 2009 - 5:07 am

most companies, from what i have encounterd so far on my career ::: well, let's just say they seeM like they know what they are doing, no? ::: but they, in quite the opposite manner, act like the mental retarded & show you time & time again just how hypocritical & disorganized they are ::: >>>

::: ::: ::::::::::::: & so ::::::::: you may ask ::: >>>

:::::::::: SiNuS BRaDy ::::: aren't you suppose to be something like a stand up comediaN? ::::: i aM the confused ::: >>>

its easier to NOT ask the questioNs ::: >>>

but ::: no, i aM NOT comediaN :::: in fact, i am quite the opposite ::: ::: ::: : :::: people sometiMes ask me then, SiNuS, what's it alL about? ::: ::: ::::::: >>>

to this i say ::: it is about everything & nothing ::: it is about bullsh!t & shingles ::: it is about web 2.0 & the ajax implementation ::: about pixel & punishment ::: but, 1 think it is NOT my friends, my comrades in the cyberRevolutionary movement ::: 1 think it is NOT ::: >>>

::: it is NOT about me ::: no, no, no ::: you think 'oh, this is about SiNuS BRaDy & his 4-eye schemes & the likedness ::: but, in fact, it is quite the opposite ::: it is about the user ::: it is about life ::: it is about the fact that life, my friends, is a living prototypical system ::: a giant & brandSpanking new online application for us to register to ::: what are the services this Beta offers us? us as the users? ::: this my little twitterBugs is the good questioN, no? ::: yes ::: >>>

so, life 2.0 as a prototype offers us unaffordable interactivities that only we put our own limitations on ::: if you want to do soMesing, right? you only have to do it ::: it is not any more complicated than that ::: & we as users of system of life as prototype ::: we as the users need to test the flow every day ::: & by flow i am implying that life is in a constant state of PMS challenges ::: exciting corporate challenges @that ::: but what do i know, right? ::: >>>

after alL ::: i aM not even real ::: >>>

coMe to my seminar ::: >>>

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June 26, 2009 - 12:51 pm

aight ::: okay ::: at soMe point during the day anyOne who works oN office encounters the universaL questioN : 'who's the ch!ck w/ the t!ts?' ::: know what i aM saying? ::: hmmmm? ::: >>>


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