July 29, 2002 - 3:28 pm


go to goopymart you online cyberfooL you ::: >>>just wheN i think my entire universe is falliNg apart beneath my eyes — i wander surf & find something nice to read on the internet ::: yes — & it is about scars — a subjectmatter i am veRy involved in since the incident my friends ::: please read & view this fiNe goopymart comicstrip onliNe ::: it brought a smile to my face by brothers & sisters ::: >>>

how is youR summer going my friends? ::: miNe is ok ::: no vacatioNtiMe for me though my little droogies ::: unfortunately database administration & implementatioN is a fulltiMe job plus & soMe i would say ::: eveRy day day iN day out i am sick for toys ::: updates ::: reconfigs ::: alL sorts of nightmarish atrocities to rock my suMMeRtiMe world ::: hot fuN in the suMMeR ::: suMMeR in the city ::: alL that & a bag of microchips my friends ::: >>>

aNyhow & why ::: thiS is where i stand & sit & falL ::: behind a computer monitor ::: a sticker of uncle beN accompanying me w/ a confident smile that soMeday this too wilL pasS & i wilL be beyond this & that & those ::: >>>

hey - what are you doing? : stop it ::: >>>


& so ::: now i play coyly at my machiNe to waste my tiMe until the end of the day approaches — ::: { as busy as i may be heRe at the officeplace — the work activity is so minddulling & idioticK ::: i dare not reveal my utter boredom as that wilL only lead to aN onslaught of more unchallenging busyworks — simple tasks of math to keep me busy busy w/o actually allowing me to use my talents skills & know-hows } ::: type type type ::: look about & duck into the restrooMs or the kitcheN to stay awake & alive soMehow ::: >>>

i may need a new avocatioN ::: suMMertiMe blues for certaiN ::: >>>


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