August 23, 2002 - 11:00 am

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waiting for the miracle

lately i aM plagued by self-doubt ::: i wake up ::: get ready for work ::: commute to work ::: work alL day ::: commute to hoMe ::: work soMe more ::: go to sleep tired w/ eyes so dry ::: i soMetiMes get soMe coffee at the coffeeshop ::: >>>

i barely get to write my poetries aNymore ::: there is no tiMe for what i aM most interested iN ::: >>>

i get so dowN on things — you know? ::: i don't know how to cope w/ the everyday thiNgs ::: >>>

how do i get to point b? ::: >>>

iN maNy ways i go about my dailylife : my workaday existence : i try to be a good citizeN & stay away froM the bad thiNgs like john Q says : i keep my nose to the grind stoNe : try to relax [ w/ little success ] : i drink milk & take my vitamiNs : i touch myself 3 or 4 tiMes a day : i visit websites that educate me in the current events of the world : i exercise to keep a clear mind & a fit body : i triM my fingernaiLs every 3 or 4 days or so : i try not to use cellphones — & better yet — i do not discuss the benefits & features of my cellphone service plan w/ salespeople & investors oN the subway : i smile at strangers & keep my chiN up : i floss & check my eyes for mourning sand accumulatioNs : i keep a cleaN kitchen & bathrooM ::: >>>

i neveR seeM to get ahead eveN though i follow alL of those things you are supposed to do ::: >>>

i aM stilL very much waiting for soMe sort of miracle ::: >>>



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