September 21, 2002 - 4:26 pm

i have no pants oN - do you though? ::: >>>


i aM not sure what at alL this meaNs ::: but ::: weekends weRe definitely not made for michelob my friends — no sire no definitely not ::: >>>

i go to the usual coffeeshop for my typical coffee of the day & decide to drink in the bustle of the hustle of the midday café ::: people coMe & go & i sit iN a cozysoft armchair carefully situated below the artwork [ this month : greeN & yellow abstract expressionisM : mastermind or no? — i cannot assess — but soMe elevator muzak for the wallspace ] oN the walL next to the pastry displaycase ::: at soMe point a toddler alL osh-goshed up toddles over w/ his cinnamonchip scoNe in hand & gives me a casuaL wave w/ fingers fulL of crumbs & spit [ the mother coMes by & apologetically tugs her youngster away froM my corner of the rooM ] ::: i sit & watch thiS typical saturday twist & fold & turN — the onlooker — the proverbial fly oN the walL ( or sitting in armchair — no? ) — the invisible eye — the watcher ::: >>>

although smoking has been banned froM alL such premises in the area — theRe is something of a smoky quality to the coffeehouse — people coming in to purchase the only remaining legal international pick-me-up drug of choice — a little pep in a mug — up & oN & off we go into the sunshiny day — a little happier — a little more dehydrated ::: >>>


the ups maN delivers soMe materials to the coffeehouse employees : personal or not — i do not know : i do not ask aNy questioNs : brown on browN : i aM down w/ that i tell you ::: >>>


i aM cleanshaven now [ not that you might caRe ] : wearing a light shortsleeved & collared shirt : stilL verymuch iN summertiMe mode fashion-wise i guess ::: >>>

alL quieted dowN for a bit at oNe point ::: i aM reading the paper & also at tiMes typing on my laptop computer [ generaL thoughts & observatioNs — occasional strings & bits of poetry that coMe to mind under the influence of coffee no doubt ] :::::::::::::::: i hear the door swing opeN & the click of highheels to the counter & a woman ordering her beverage of preference : i look up a bit & notice that the woman at the counter is none other than the lady commuter w/ the strange facepatch ::: i look outside the window of the coffeeshop & — sure enough — iN an exquisitely close parallel spot to the shop is the teal chevy lumina ::: it is she ::: froM where i am sitting however i cannot decipher whether or not she has healed — whether or not the facepatch is now removed ::: >>>

i continue reading but occasionally look up to keep my watch — to see if anything is suspicious about this suddeN coincidental mutual visit to the coffeeshop ::: >>>

::::::::::::::::::::::::::: she waits for her latte


::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: soMe minutes go by


::::::::::::: & theN at 1 point her cellphone rings : the goddamn nokia jingle [ i would hope that cellmongers would veer away froM the default — & also — stay away from any tetris-sounding musical dealings — or especially fur elise :::::::: grrrrrrrrrrrr ] ::: she then proceeds to quietly listen to her cell caller — only occasionally saying this like yes — mmm hmm — ok — yup ::: | ::: at tiMes she turns a bit & looks around while midst discourse ::: she is definitely pinpointing certain coffeeshop dwellers — answering questions a bit perhaps about the details of this very day ::: i notice something strange at this point ::: >>>

my neck feels almost asleep — like the funnybones — you know? — like when you are hit on the funnybones? — or even moreso like when your feet falL asleep while you are sitting on the toilet for a long long tiMe ::: bizzarre tingling sensations ::: abnormal extra-sensitivity combined w/ an unexplainable numbness ::: pins & needles i think of ::: i notice that the sensatioN coMes & goes in waves depending upon the angle that the facepatch nokia princess holds her cellphone — she turns a bit more leftward — the sensation goes a bit further away — turning more to the right — i feel the pins intensify ::: yes — mmm hmm —ok — yup ::: >>>


i wake up ::: i do not know how much time has transpired ::: i am not sure of the exact tiMe of my passing ::: i look down on the laptop & it is already 3:37 in the pm ::: my my how the tiMe haS flowN ::: & the facepatch lady has vanished ::: >>>


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